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Hi Guys,


I launched my website 31st January 2017 ( ) . I am an interior decorator/stylist and have the online homewares store. I am yet to make any sales on any of the products or gained any interest in the services i am doing ( i know this may be down to the lack of portfolio- i am currently working on this)

Can you offer any advice on how i can gain further traffic and sales? I primarily use instagram. I am working on creating a pop up on the site for mailing list subscriptions as i understand the importance of developing this. I am making sure i do the meta descriptions and alt text on images, to help with SEO. I am also developing a blog as i am hoping this will help.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Abbie xo

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Hi, Abbie! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Instagram is great for generating relevant traffic. Do you run occasional giveaways and Influencer campaigns? These work great for creating a buzz around your brand.

What worked for me when I was running a furniture store is to join a website like Houzz [they now have a UK version], and offer interior design tips in their Advice section. This will help you create a good vibes for your brand and establish yourself as a knowledgeable source of info. This will also establish yourself as an interior designer. Do it on other interior design discussion platforms too.

Start a blog with valuable interior design tips, and perhaps publish occasional videos on YouTube as well. It’s a multi layer strategy, and at the beginning you will feel that you are managing so many platforms; after a while you will be able to see which of them bring the most revenue [traffic], and then focus on these, while ditching the strategies that don’t bring the results [famous 80:20 rule].

With your line of business, I recommend reaching out to the local establishments first [new restaurants, hotels, private homes] and offer them your services. Perhaps work with with a home staging company. Once you grow your portfolio, you will be able to get referrals, both online and offline.

Hope it helps, and if you had any more questions, please contact me below, and book your Business Analyst Consultation today:


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Maggie Tuczapska

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Come Join our traffic exchange site. Its free and perhaps we can get you some traffic to your store.

Also some pointers for traffic from us.

Apart from our great service. Make sure engagement with Twitter and instagram are a focus to gain organic following. Also Spark conversation with people talking about your competition, what are trends?  Get them to give you feedback with your line of work.


Hope this helps out

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Hi Abbie,

Beautiful products and site. Anlaysing your effort so far and making suggestions:

1) INSTAGRAM MARKETING: Fantastic. I see you have 190 users so far. So your effort will not just be around sharing with your community but growing your followers fast, and getting them to buy from you, especially if you run an offer. How to grow your Instagram base? Use the best hashtags that bring NEW people to your site. Find the best hashtags with OrangeTwig's InstaSuccess tool, as shown here:

And then keep posting on Instagram, all the channels in fact to get traffic. Remember, by ignoring a channel you are losing out on traffic from there. Again use OrangeTwig to automate posting on all channels.

2) BLOG - Great. But good writing and SEO takes time to show results. You cannot expect quick results. The only time content shows a spike is if one single piece gets really popular suddenly. For example, you post about about a vintage interior look in a facebook group with people exploring exactly that topic and hungry for your info. Happens only once in a while, when you find the correct place to share your blogpost link. Also needs a little luck. I would do this as ongoing effort, but not bank on it. Sometimes people think creating a blog with good SEO is enough. No, you have to plan out your whole content distribution strategy and push your content, not just pull people in. Also try to post outside of your own blog, as a guest on others' blogs, if you think you can get traffic from there. Go to design and home magazines and offer to write a guest blog-post for them.

3) FACEBOOK ADS - I would really suggest you run ads. I have run facebook ads for many businesses that have no brand recognition, are new and want sales in 10-15 days flat, with campaigns going for 3 months+ with sales coming in. A great landing page helps. For your ads test audiences and messaging. Really layer your audiences. A loose ad strategy gives no results, and it's no surprise when it doesn't. But remember budgets are in your control, so you do not stand to lose anything much. You can experiment, get your toe wet :) Start a test with $10-$20 and see. Go with your BEST audiences first. And test 3 distinct value propositions.
I was running ads for a clothes designer recently (a friend) and asked her - Women of what age buy your clothes? She said 30 to 55, but then we also had a few 60 year olds buying, and a 70-75 year old once! I said - Do not count your outliers, go for your best audience 30-55. Thought I'd pass on this lil bit to you too. You want more hits for your buck. Go for bulls-eye audiences without compromising on audience size.

Go for ads! And put your social media on autopilot with OrangeTwig so you are not wasting time there; takes 5 minutes.

All the best!




Karan Jassar
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Hi, Abbie! 

First, you should consider getting more traffic on your website from ads or traffic exchange, as people have already said above.

Second, you should work with your traffic to increase conversion and retain customers. Check out Convead AMI - that's a marketing automation bot, that will do all the marketing stuff for you. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi Maggie,


Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply to me. I really appreciate your advice, especially with you having the furniture background.

I have actually started a giveaway today. Its something i had in my plan to do and will continue to do this to gain interest. I am eager to work with influencers also, i have been generating a list of who i would like to work with. I have wanted to monitor their work / instagrams etc. to see how we can fit together.

Houzz is something i completely didn't think about although i visit it myself on a regular basis. I will definitely explore that option.

Youtube also sounds like a great addition- i could definitely do this with projects i work on, almost like a short and sweet tv show of transforming homes/rooms. For the blog do you have any specific recommendations, shall i run it on my shopify site or off of my site?

The Key is for me to grow my portfolio i feel, i have reached out to property developers and hoping to hear back within the next few days. If not i will give them a call or follow up email.


Thank you again for your pointers, you have definitely gave me food for thought.


Abbie xo

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Hey Karan,


Thank you for your advice!

I do use hootsuite to scheduel some social media posts. I wasn't aware about OrangeTwig, i will definitely check them out. The hashtags will definitely be beneficial, i am finding i am using the same Hashtags all of the time, trying to figure which are most beneficial is tricky so hoping that will help.

I completely agree with the blog aspect and it not being a short term fix. Its something that should be developed and nurtured and ultimately be a honest reflection of my company. The guest writing for magazines is a great idea and something that i think would be greatly beneficial. How would you say is the best way to run the blog. Directly on my shopify site or run it seperately but compliment the business?

I actually don't have a business facebook, i will look into this and set one up. I have twitter and Instagram and have thought about running ads on those platforms. I have seen alot of people mention the ads being successful and as you say its a great way to test out the audiences.


What would you say is the best tool to help with SEO?


Thanks again Karan, i do appreciate your time and help!


Abbie xo


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Hi Denis,


Thank you so much for replying to my post.

I will definitely have a look at Convead.

Do you have any pointers on conversion and retaining customers, once i get them.

Many Thanks,


Abbie xo

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I would suggest you promote on social media like facebook and linkedin 

Make sure your site is responsive

Provide the deals and offers to the custopers to attract them

Include images to draw user's attention

Content with eye catching headlines can also be helpful.


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Hi Abbie,

First thing I noticed about your web design is there is way too much white space in your header. 

Instagram is great and one of our best sources of traffic. Keep following people and posting everyday with relative hashtags. Try DM people with a friendly message offering them some type on incentive (discount) to visit your site. If your not using Pinterest, please do. Pinterest has been an absolute gold mine for us. There are plenty of articles explaining how you can maxmize your Pinterest reach. Try Googling Neil Patel Pinterest...he has great information!

Also make sure your automating your social media with either Hootsuite or Buffer to make life easy. :)

Best of luck!