are paid business directories worth it

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Hello there As everyone else, I am trying to increase my organic traffic and have been approached and Both say my website is not registered on enough business directories that is why I am not getting any visitors to my site. Ezlocal claims that for $100 a month they will list my company on 300 business directoroes.. I registered to over 20 free. Business directories myself but have not gotten traffic.Usiness is this worth the money? My website is
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Hi Alex,

I am personally a bit suspicious about companies promising to place links on multiple other sites or directories. There was a time when inbound links were pretty much all you needed to rank well but Google updates such as Panda and Penguin really changed that.

I would focus on just major directories, if any. I have found more sucess building social media presence and adding good quality content. One site that this has worked well on is Australian Gifts Online

With the new site I am creating I am initially just focussing on adding content, if you have a site that works well (quick page speed, no broken links etc) and you offer engaging content the you stand a better chance of ranking well. Google is like online shoppers and needs to feel that you can be trusted, age of site, a detailed contact us page, an about us page and returns policy all help with this.

I wish you all the best with your new venture, good luck!