cant get any visitor or sales

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hi, i've been on shop[ify maybe around 3/4 month but i cant find any visitor or sales to my site what does i need to do to get visitor?



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I looked at your store, pretty awesome design and products I must say.


Getting visitors is easy, did you try Facebook or Google Ads?

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I saw your website it looks quite good. In order to get visitors on your website you can start using Google ads where you can target keywords such as "viking jewelry", "viking necklaces", "viking pendents". You can also run shopping campaigns for your business which will attract visitors to your website.

You can download Google ads assistant with smart shopping from shopify for your store, AdNabu is a software which helps you create, optimize and manage campaigns in Google Ads.

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Email marketing forms the backbone of customer communications for most online stores and is one of the best online store promotion ideas. In addition to informing customer about their placed orders, they can be used creatively to market your online store.

According to GFK’s global retail report, one of the many reasons that people shop online is because they get cheap pricing. Promotional emails are an easy way to engage, and keep customers coming back to your store.

Some common promotional messages that capture subscriber’s attention are: ‘ X% flat off,’ free shipping, and more.

Festivals are an important time when people like to shop, throwing in discounts and special festival offers for your customers encourages them to shop more. Christmas, St. Patrick’s day, Cyber Monday are some of the few occasions when you can send these emails.


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Your site is quite awesome I saw. To move traffic towards your site should need some struggle from your side.


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I did a flare check on your website, you have 84 results indexed by Google. But your website has far more pages. So i would suggest getting your pages found by Google, Bing and other major search engines will be beneficial to you in terms of generating sales from organic searches.


You can submit your sitemap regularly to these major engines, or consider using a convenient tool like flare that offers many other major benefits.


Here is a blog post for more information:


Hope this was helpful.

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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :) 


Great looking products! Make sure to use a professional email address [such as] instead of a free one. It’s a great way to build trust as an established business. You can create a custom email address matching your domain with G-Suite - learn how to do it here:


Here are a few guides that might help:


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Due to high demanding question over high traffic but not getting any sales, I have summarized some basic points in my article for beginners to boost your websstore sales.


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Hi there

To sums up, in order to get visitors or sales, you'll have to

Just follow these step and I'm sure you'll see the different ;)

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