eBoutique for Womens fashion - Good feedback from Potential customers, but no orders.

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We've gotten good feedback from potential customers through facebook and Instagram. We've also gotten some criticism and have changed a couple of things. Since launch (1 Week ago), we've experienced many people adding items to their shopping cart/bag and went to the checkout, but none placed an actual order and paid.

We have tested payments and placing an order many times on our website and everything is working perfectly. Our Google campaign health is 94%, Instagram photos are getting good attention from major Instagram profiles with over 500k followers, likes, and comments. People dig our concept and dig our products, we just had 2 women leave good feedbacks on or facebook. But no orders - so how come?

I think this mainly stems from the fact that it's like this for all upstarts. People aren't going to buy from stores at first sight. Once they hear about it again, they feel a connection - we get it.

However, we are always flexible and adaptable to change our website to become more and more user-friendly. If you have any good feedback on our store www.nayomikyoto.com, don't reply (as much as we appreciate it), we are looking for people that can give us constructive criticism because we feel we're missing out if we're not getting more criticism. I mean, our store is pretty decent, but it's not perfect.

Check our website and leave us some constructive criticism. We'd love it if there's anything we can fix or adjust with our website.

(The sliders were just recently changed, and we're uploading more sliders to let customers know about our promotions such as discounts and shipping, we're also promoting our Floral/Sun Dresses on sale.

Correct me if I am wrong, but we're trying to build awareness around our brand, and I just wanted to know how long it took for you guys before you had your first customer?

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Did you farm out writing the web content as there is lots of spelling and grammar mistakes.

2. No shipping info, no return policy

3. Privacy policy missing

4.  Drop metric system - market is US 

5. It takes time to build the brand, some start before they bring the product to the market 


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Hi, Polka. Thank you very much for your feedback. I think you didn't see the footer menu. There's a "Privacy policy" right there. Regarding shipping times and return information, it's included in the FAQ. I think personally it's a great idea to actually have these two categories in their own respective page links on the footer menu like you have on your website. That is probably more user friendly. 

Markets are EU, Australia, US, UK, NZ.  We do have a international size conversion chart. However, it would probably be better to add an Inch version of the Size Chart next to the CM Size Chart.

So with your feedback, as it makes perfect sense, I will make sure that me and my team change and fix what you have pointed out.

How long did you run your store before you made your first sale?

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