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Hi Guys,


Is there any way to encourage customers to leave a review on the product after they make a purchase?


Right now we're using Yotpo apps to collect review. It just seems that it would take a huge amount of effort for customer to leave a review. Is there any solution to this?


Could really use some advice.


Thank you!



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Looks like Yotpo can automatically email your customers to ask for a review. Here's their guide! https://support.yotpo.com/en/article/automatic-review-requests

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Hello @sherrymao15 

I believe your customer will love if you ask them for review on their WhatsApp Number directly

Check out this app which sends review reminders directly on customer's WhatsApp. You know WhatsApp Message open rate is very high compared to typical Email and SMS.




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Like you've said, Yotpo is a great way to do it.


Another thing that you can do is send them an SMS message but time it so it arrives after they've received the product.


I sometimes run retargeting ads on Facebook, just create a custom audience so it targets people that have already received the product and ask them for a review, sometimes you can even throw in an incentive.

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Hi @sherrymao15 


Yotpo is great because your customers can leave reviews directly from their email inbox. But if you're looking for an alternative, Loox Photo Reviews is a great shout. Their plan has functionality that automatically sends out review reminders periodically, and offers them a discount code as an incentive to acutally leave a review. 


Here's their help article - https://help.loox.io/article/32-when-will-my-review-request-emails-be-sent


Worth looking into. They even track how many scheduled emails are responsible for generating new profits, so its a great way to weight up costs vs reward. 


All the best!



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Try sending them a discount code for a review :)