facebook blocked the link to my store

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Hey all,


facebook blocked the link to my store, which also disabled my whole facebook shop and product feeds. I currently can't advertise on facebook anymore. I get two infos, when I try to post the link: the link is flagged as spam and, if I try to link the store url: https://wayne-whale.myshopify.com/ to my business manager again, it says that it violates community rules.


As I don't sell anything violating community rules, the only thing I can imagine, that facebook or a user reacted to: female hygiene products, like bamboo period pads and menstrual cups, or to the word organic, like in organic cotton.


Do you have any other idea? I requested facebook to review their classification as spam, and also review the store and the link itself. Do you know how long that takes and if I can speed this up in any way?


Thanks very much




Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @JessyWayneWhale!


Lara here from Shopify.


About your link you're trying to post being marked as SPAM, you can use the “Report a Problem” link on your account to let them know more about what you're seeing.


I navigated through your store and I can't see any apparent violation of Community rules. There is a section mentioning that SPAM would be considered a violation as you can see here, so it makes sense that your post would receive that message. My guess is that once your post is reviewed, everything else should be back to normal, but we can't interfere with that decision. This is something which is out of Shopify's control and in Facebook's hands.


You should hear back from them soon, reviews usually take no longer than 48 hours, and you can always reach out to Facebook's support to ask for updates on your case.


Hope you can get your Facebook page running soon!



Lara | Equipe Shopify @ Shopify
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This is a common issue with external links, i often get this, even though everything is perfect but there automatd system gives such warnings. so i have to report, dipute and resolve and they fix.


i have also been noticing fraud in fb ads, i have been talking to fb team , the issue again is that they have outsourced there support to other countries, e.g. the guys i am talking to are in malaysia, these guys do not understand much about technical things and they just say things like automated responses.


Any way, report and appeal them and it will be resolved.


I am available here if you need assistance.