google ads vs facebook ads for a petshop shopify store

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Hi all,

So after having invested in a premium theme (Plak) and in blog posts and SEO, I decided finally to put money into paid ads.

I am into pet-shops niche and I would like to have your opinion guys about Facebook ads vs Google ads, which one would be the best for me ? I am planing to invest about 400$/month for the first 3 months.

Thank you in advance


Dear Jessy-Clothes,


You can start with FB ads. ($5/day)

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@Jessy-clothes  FB and Google are polar opposites when it comes to who you're showing your ads to...

With Google Ads, if set up right, you're advertising to people who are actively searching for your products and are often ready to buy.

With Facebook you're showing ads to people on the off-chance they may be interested in what you have to sell (your offer is everything here).

Now I may be biased as I've been doing Google Ads for some time now (16 years!) but I would always start with setting up a Shopping campaign and a remarketing campaign in there.  I would also set up remarketing dynamic product ads on Facebook to help bring back people who abandoned their carts.  

Once you're making money using Google you can then expand into Facebook.  I've just started doing FB ads for my clients and it's definitely taking longer to generate profitable orders than it is with Google.  

You might want to try Perry Marshall's little quizes to see which might be better for you too:

Hope that helps


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thank you so much @Sara32  for your in deep answer

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Google ads

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The problem with Google Ads is that if you rely on their recommendations geared for beginners, you will end up overspending. 

Try Aori if you want to build hyper-focused, relevant ads, especially if you have a small budget (which at $400 looks like you do). 

With Aori all you have to do is import your product feed into their app, then the tool will automatically create keywords for all of your products and put them into their own ad groups (Single Keyword Ad Groups) and what would take you hours to set up in Google will only take a half hour with them. 

Here's their link: 

Also they've got a referral program where you get paid $100 for every person you invite, cash payouts available after $300, which is pretty sweet.