google merchant account suspended

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My store, is recently launched. I sell a unique product designed and developed by me.

My Google Merchant Account is suspended (and has been since I first applied for it about 3 weeks ago). I have done a ton of reading and have invested a lot of time learning, making changes to my account and website etc etc all to no avail. I have requested 2 more reviews after making changes each time and have remained suspended. (note: from what I have read I am not alone in being suspended with no understanding of why, ~ apparently they changed some of their requirements back in July or August).

The third and most recent request for a review of my account was by a Google ads team member; he liked my product, spent a good while going over a proposal for running ads on Google and growing my business, and seemed quite sure he could get the GMC approved. No such luck.  The most recent rejection (copying me and him) reads in part:

"TL:dr: Your Merchant Center account X does not comply with the Shopping ads policy: Misrepresentation of self or product (Untrustworthy promotions). Unable to reinstate.

Query: Google Merchant Center disabled due to violation of Shopping ads policy,

Next step:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but unfortunately we will not be able to reinstate this account and the current status of the products and the account may be beyond fix. Google’s primary objective is to provide safe, relevant experiences for our users. The decision to suspend your account was made after careful review of your account and the low quality landing page experiences promoted through your website. We won't be able to provide you with any further details regarding the suspension of the account."

(the helpful ads team member has not responded to any more of my emails since this happened.)

I am an honest individual selling an honest product on a site I built to the best of my ability in a straightforward manner on Shopify. I am a single mom, unemployed due to the pandemic and I do not have the resources to invest in hiring someone to fix this (vendors who work with this sort of thing say they may not be able to fix it anyway). From what I have read here, 'low quality landing page experiences' means slow site speed (my site is slow but again, I do not have the resources to hire a developer to address this).

I am posting this question to the community boards because 1. I remain modestly hopeful there may be a solution 2. I think it is atrocious and monopolistic that Google can single-handedly derail the attempts of a small business to get started AND provide NO customer support AND say "We won't be able to provide you with any further details regarding the suspension of the account." !! I for one find this response unacceptable. 

Shopify support says they cannot influence Google in this regard - which I am sure is true. But I hope someone higher up at Shopify may read this. They would do well to realize that if an honest individual (such as myself) selling an honest and unique product can effectively be squashed for 'no reason known', then what will this mean in the long run for the Shopify model?? I for one will need to shut down my store should I fail to be approved by Google (how can a company possibly succeed without approval of the monopoly Google??)

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Thank you for reading my original post. With Google commanding 86.86% ( to 92.71% ( of the search market share, not being able to be included or promoted through their search engine is a massive and likely untenable blow. 

If anyone has input for me about what Grave Error I have made that has led to my account being suspended I would be most grateful. I am a Human, not a statistic or an algorithm. For god's sake - I sell dollhouses!

As an update, the nice Human ads account strategist did in fact get back to me and now the rejection / reply cites a different violation: 

"Thank you for getting back to us.

Yes, as mentioned in my previous email shared with you and the client. Google Shopping requires that merchants provide transparency into the product that's being promoted.

Google doesn't want users to feel misled by the content promoted in Shopping ads, and that means being upfront, honest, and providing them with the information that they need to make informed decisions. For this reason we don’t allow the following:

  • Promotions that prompt users to initiate a purchase, download, or other commitment without first providing all relevant information and obtaining the user’s explicit consent
  • Promotions that represent you or your products in a way that is not accurate, realistic, and truthful
 It has come to our attention that your Google Merchant Center account doesn't comply with our Program Policies. We have therefore disabled your Google Merchant Center account.
In case you have any additional concerns please feel free to reach out to me and I shall take it up as priority"

(Poor landing page experience (above reply) OR shopping ad lack of transparency? (note: I have never run an ad! what are they talking about?? Which is it??) 

Is the last line of their reply a joke??