how to download product list with urls and IDs?

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I'm trying to create a second product feed for Google Shopping but in a second currency that I can upload via Google Sheets. The problem is getting all the required info onto one csv file without a lot of manual editing. 


I can't find a way to download my original Shopify content api product list from the Merchant Centre. Despite seeing instructions on how to download it, I can only see the option to download a list of products with issues. 


Using the product export tool in Shopify admin, the file is missing the urls and variant IDs and Shopify IDs. Presumably I could use skus for IDs and but recreating the urls with variant ids will take a while.


I checked out some low cost a free feed apps but they seem to just do an automatic upload to the Merchant Centre.  Maybe there are paid apps that will do this but I feel like there should be a free or low cost way to get this info. 


I'd appreciate any info on this. Thanks!

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A year ago, you could download all the required info. Unfortunately this is not possible anymore.


There is also no way to download content API data in Google merchant center.


My application can pull all the required data, and indeed it automatically uploads to Google Merchant Center, which is a benefit when you have a lot of products to manage.


However please note you can not submit a feed with a different currency then the currency you have on the website. 

So if you have USD in your store, you can't submit GBP currency.


As this will cause issues within Google Merchant Center.


What you can do is submit USD to target England, and Google will automatically change the currency.


Hope this helps.

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In case anyone is interested, I was able to download a list with all the info that I needed using the GMCfeed app. It's free for under 200 products (incl. variants) and they were nice enough to set up a custom feed with my required data:)