how to sync a google multi account (google merchant center) to shopify

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Hi, We have a google merchant center multi account with 4 sub accounts. Currently I have synced the product feed for to Shopify.

I have two questions: 

1> How can I sync the product feeds of all 4 google sub accounts to shopify? 

2> The product feed for is not using the Dutch product translations but gives the english product details. Ho can I get the feed to use the translated product details?

Thank you in advance.


Our theme is Motion

We use Translationlab as an app for the translation of our products.

 Our website url is

in 4 languages: (english) 

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All apps will only use the default store language and currency. You will not be able to submit 1 store that uses language or currency translation apps to multiple countries.

Here are the two things you can do.


Option 1: Submit 1 non content API feed to Google Merchant Center, then in Products > Feeds > click on your feed > settings > here add multiple countries.

This does not work with Content API, only text delimited or XML files. Such as my application uses.

However this option only yields a maximum of 10% potential impressions. This because Google actively limits what you can get as you are not localizing.


Option 2: The best Option!

Create a new store for each country, for example:

Then submit each country to Google Merchant Center multi account sub accounts.

This will then give you 100% of potential impressions.


I have written more details here:

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