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I am selling phone cases. My Shopify products have variants by phone model and by color. I am submitting my products to Google Merchant Center using Google Shopping Feed app by Simprosys and than using Google Shopping Ads. So I end up having 9.000 products in Merchant Center. 


How could I identify products with bad performance? Please note that 1 product might have 20 variants and I would be interested in the combined performance of these 20 variants and not in the bad performance of 19 variants that have a low CTR , Add to Cart , bad CPC etc. rate . 


In google ads i have Item ID :  shopify_us_11111111111_9999999999


where 11111111111 represents the product ID  from shopify 

and 9999999999 is Variant ID . 


I would be interested to see CTR CPC etc.  by shopify_us_11111111111 only . 


If you guys have any idea of how I could do this in Google Ads / Google Analytics / other Shopify apps I would highly appreciate your advice.


thank you





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There is no such function available, which means you need to create your own system.


1) You could export the data and open it up in a spreadsheet, then remove the variant id, then merge the data. Requires some technical knowledge of spreadsheet functions.


2) You could use custom labels to group the data, more info:


3) You could write your own API system using Google's Ads API:


Only option 2 does not require technical knowledge, while the other two does.


Hope this helps.

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