lots of Instagram follower-not a lot of visitors- barely any sales.. help!!

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Hi, I recently launched my company at the start of summer, but have barely gotten any sales!! I don't know what I am doing wrong, if my prices are not good.. If it's my website ? I have no idea and someone please reach out and help me increase my sales or maybe even look over my website and give me feedback? Thanks so much I really appreciate the help! My Instagram is @playamochilas and my website is www.playamochilas.com

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Hi there! Those bags are beautiful. I do have some feedback for you. And while I know 914 instagram followers is a great, they are not going to convert to sales. Don't rely on that, instagram sends no traffic.

First of all, it is fine that the shop is called PlayasMochilas and you don't need to change that but I don't know what the word "mochilas" means so I think you need to rework the text at the top of your home page a bit. 

Second of all, you should make it clear you are shipping from Boca and not from Columbia because nobody wants to wait for shipment from Columbia.

Third of all, the prices seem high, I would consider advertising Free U.S. Shipping - these can't weigh much, you must be able to ship USPS $5.95?

Lastly. you are making a massive positioning mistake. You seem to be saying "there is only one of each, sorry" and what you should be doing is working the snot out of super, super hot niche markets like indiginous crafts, artisan crafts, unique crafts, handmade, OOAK, One of a Kind, etc.

And I know you didn't ask, but if you do not also have a store on Etsy, get there ASAP - this is exactly the kind of thing that sells well there.

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