multiple country domains for single site

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I live in Germany and I am currently trying to create an online shop at Shopify for my business. I have some offline customers which are mostly located in Germany, but also in Switzerland and Austria.

I own all country code domains, for example (generic names):

  • --> Germany

  • --> Switzerland

  • --> Austria

However, I also own

My question is now, what domain I should use? Is it better for SEO reasons to use all country-specific domains? This means that I will have 1-Website and depending on the country, I show a a different domain. For example my users in Switzerland will be redirected to the ".ch" domain. I this actually possible? I am not sure if Shopify allows me to configure this?

Or should I use .com - domain?

I did some research, however there seem to be different opinions on this topic.


I would use the .com and direct all the country domains to the .com. Most friends I know are use to buying on a .com site. It's easier to manage one site and one domain while you grow your business.

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I agree with DuaneBrown. Use the .com domain, for now, to help manage the site growth and then look into using localisation domains for further outreach when you've established a good foundation.