my website is not showing up in google search

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I have set up the sitemap link in the google search console but it's been close to three weeks and my website is not showing up in google there anything else I can do?

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It might need more time to start ranking, especially a new site ranking for general terms will be difficult at first.


If you search for an exact long tail phrase on that page and it still isn't showing in the first few pages, log into your Google Search Console and "inspect the URL"... and check the crawl stats. Those 2 points should give you some insights.


Ways to rank your site faster:

- Get other sites to link to your site/page

- Social media shares

- Running some PPC to the site/page might help (you'll get time on page stats, user engagement, action to your site, etc)



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sitemap link is good, but have you been sure to add SEO to all your photos, custom edit your SEO on products and on the general pages of your website?

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