need help on getting my store out there

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hi guys

i launched my site a few weeks ago my traffic has been ok i think but i dont have much of facebook/instagram following so im finding it difficult to get beyond family and friends.  also i seem to have had quite a lot of add to cart but nothing being followed through im guessing this is a trust thing? i dont have many products available yet but im hoping within the next few weeks to more maybe this is the problem. anyway any feedback would be absolutly amazing. my site is

thanks in advance


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Hi - I'm no expert in children's clothing but I just wanted to say I really liked your site and your products. 

Your site is clean and simple, yet informative and intuitive. You've done well to resist cluttering it with unnecessary content - well done!

Your products look great as well. Nice designs. Your photos also do them justice.  

Regarding traffic, my first instinct if I was you would be to run very targeted ads on FB (e.g. mothers who are online shoppers who use iOS etc.). If you haven't tried this already, it might be a good place to start. 

Then perhaps try giving samples to bloggers and try to get them to feature/mention you in their posts?

Anyway, all the best. I think you’ve got a great foundation to work with.

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I agree with Simon and that you should do some focused ads on FB. If you know your audience, you can easily target people who have an intent to buy. Also check out an app called Pollen ( which helps you with advertising. It takes 2 minutes to setup and is well-reviewed too. 

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Hey Kathryn,

I would stay away from any automated apps for advertising, as they take a chunk of your revenue (which you need to grow), learning digital marketing can be a pain, but it is crucial to grow an online store.

If you are habing troubles with your marketing checkout my facebook page here where I post great FREE content on all avenues e-commerce.

If you want to start making $100, $200 even $1000 a day in sales in the next few months I really think I can help with your advertising. I run a digital marketing agency, and have had 2 clients in childrens clothing industry, so i know exactly what ads you should be running and who to target to.

If you would like to have a 15 minute phone call to discuss areas that I can help either message me on my Facebook page or email with the subject "littledropintheocean"