shop is not visible in serps - brand is visible

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my brand is called "ladyzlike", my shopadress is  .

When typing "ladyzlike" in google search, my shopadress is not visible in the search results.

But my facebook-page and the is visible (which has no backlinks, less content etc.).

But the main "" (which has some backlinks, more content, etc.) is not visible.

Any ideas, suggestions?

Best Dave


Hi Dave,

I see that your subdomain shows your Shopify store via a 301 redirect, though your is a WordPress site.I do also show that Google IS in fact showing your Shopify store in the SERP, see attached image.

However, it's only showing when someone searches for ladyzlike, so you'll definitely need to start ranking for organic keywords. You'll need high quality backlinks with relevant anchor texts in order for Google to recognize your store as a site with valuable information for its users. If you'd like help doing this, we offer low cost backlink services designed for startups and Shopify stores. See more at



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