0 sales since I begin last year

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Dear friend,

I really really really need help with my Shopify store: https://factory-on-sales.myshopify.com/

I started it in year 2018, and it’s still unable to break thought $0 sales.

There only a couple of sales done and it was purchased by myself just to test on the functions.

Other than that have zero sales.

I’m spending on face ads alternate days.

Posting on instagrams.

Creating awareness on face pages

Just couldn’t make any sales still.

Please help me ... anyone...
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Hi Wesley,

I have started my business a few months ago and I have not received any sales. So I am new to this business and still learning. 

But when I look at your store:

  1. Intro is dark and it does not feature any of your products. It doesn’t tell me what you are selling.
  2. Navigation- I was looking to find what products you offer but I did not understand quality guarantee products. Have you tried listing your product types.
  3. I could only find 7 products. Not sure if this is right.
  4. everything else looks great.

Good luck

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Hi Wesley,


Sorry to hear that. Your website will definitely benefit from more trust signals [About us page, Contact us, Shipping policy, custom domain name etc.] Consider also sticking to one niche - it's much more profitable. On your homepage, the sliding images look excellent - yet when you scroll down the products seem unrelated to the promo images. That definitely can affect your conversion rate. Make sure to work on these issues, and then focus on driving more relevant traffic - that's a great way to turn around your business. 

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Hello @Wesley777 

@, I have seen your website, your website is very good looking and it seems you takes a lot of hard work to make it

Then also , if your sales are not increasing, then there is only one reason for this.

I am saying this according to my 5 years experience.

The products on your website are very good but the description written for them is not so good and seems low with SEO techniques.
So, to solve this problem, I suggest you an app that I am using myself.
Its an auto description generator app and description generated by using it are High with SEO techniques and to the point.

Its "Descrii " . After using their service my website traffic and sales increase to the next level.

Therefore i suggest this to you.

Hope i helped you.

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Thank you so much for your feedback.

I will certainly try the suggested app.


I would suggest some adjustment to your homepage from the viewpoint of a first time visitor:

Add testimonials

If you are providing services, testimonial is the key to conversion rate. Have you had any clients previously? If any, you'd better work with them to ask for a testimonial and show it on your homepage.

Describe your services clearly

Visitors are supposed to know nothing about your service, so I suggest you make it clear what is included in these services package. Only by making this clear can you earn trust and make people buy the service

image (12).pngYou can read this article about building  credibility in your website.

Hope this helps.

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