1,514 Visitors, 65 add to carts, 18 checkouts. 3 sales

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1,514 Visitors, 65 add to carts, 18 checkouts. 3 sales 

That is a conversion rate of only.26% 

My average cost per click is $.10 so I guess that is below average. But still, I have not been profitable with my store. 



1. is that conversion rate normal

2. Any thing can be improved on my store?


Thanks in advanced to anyone who replies! have a great day!


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Totally new to shopify and doing research myself, which landed me here. I thought I'd take a look at your store. It looks great, but I dont know how to actually order a product. Track my order is great, but I dont generally see it on the main menu. I also dont know what Affiliate means. I would say though, that for me, the biggest issue is that I cant find your products. At least not easily. I checked for at least a few mins and couldnt find out how to order the products. Actually, I just checked again and I dont even know what you're selling. I dont know much about audio installations or gear so that might be my problem.

Hope I helped. 


Your homepage does not help you sell your product as it's just some pictures with no text and no way to easily buy your product. Not everyone is going to know they need to click on your images to get to your product page. Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase.


Homepage Feedback

    1. I would clean up the design of your homepage and make it clear how to get to your product pages.

    2. Your store needs work as right now you are not helping people easily understand what you sell

    3. One store products is tough because if someone does not wan that item, you have nothing else to sell them

Product Page  Feedback

    1. I would reformat your product description and not have everything in bold

    2. The huge discount makes me think this is a drop ship site or a scam as it's way to low of a price

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I've seen other stores selling this product doing thousands of dollars in sales and your store is better then theirs. The product is also heavily discounted like yours. The one thing different from your store to theirs is they're spending thousands on Influencer promotions. They can get away with those design floors because the visitors trust the people promoting it. 


Unlike most websites yours only needs two pages and it will convert over 1% easily. Reach out if you want more details. 




Clayton Bates 

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