1) Feedback on my store would be great;2) fresh eyes in two issues 2.1) Blurry images 2.2) Carrousel

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Hi y'all,

Staff and viewers alike, I appreciate if I have all the feedback I can get.  I`m about to launch (Q3) in the Spanish market.


Preview: https://0y5izn7c6d7639l1-7631110229.shopifypreview.com


1) FEEDBACK: All feedback is welcomed and valued. From design, tips, product pages, increasing conversion.


2.1) BLURRY IMAGES: I uploaded an image in MANIFESTO PAGE & ABOUT PAGE. In both cases, the pictures are blurry (captures attached). I tried in JPEG (70%, 80%, 90%, 100%) and PNG. All formats weren't the same to the original from de design platform (Canva & Photopea). In products images, everything is OK.  How must be the images to avoid the blur?Captura de pantalla 2019-07-16 a las 17.11.24.pngCaptura de pantalla 2019-07-16 a las 17.13.46.png

2.2) CARROUSEL OR SLIDER IN PRODUCT PAGES: Please, help. The boundless theme hasn't the possibility to show multiples images. I want to show more images (terrible mockup attached) and change the width since the second or third image because of taking all the space. In mobile could be better than in desktop where the images are pixeled, and look giant, etc. ¿Is it possible to fix this? 


ejemplo carrusel Shopify.jpg

Thanks in advance,

Preview: https://0y5izn7c6d7639l1-7631110229.shopifypreview.com



Hi mate 


1) FEEDBACK: Getting a good vibe from your website. I would suggest writing some blogs. 


2.1) BLURRY IMAGES: If you want the writing over the image might be hard the way you're doing it. Especially if someone views website on large monitor. 

You could use a page builder GEM PAGES. This way you just upload the images and the builder will put the writing as a overlay like on your home page. 


2.2) CARROUSEL OR SLIDER IN PRODUCT PAGES: Had a look at this on my test store. You might have to change the coding on that theme or get someone to fix that. 


I also emailed you something special :) 


Keep up the good work 



Clayton Bates 



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I like your store and can't find a lot to criticise. The only thing that stands out is that your logo is very small. A larger logo makes it easier for customers to notice and remember for your branding purposes. Branding is very important as eventually as your brand name gets more well known the less paid advertising you will need to do.


Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase.


Homepage Feedback

    1. Carousels have been proven to kills conversions rates ...limit how much you use the one on your site. No one is going to wait around to see what is on each sliders

    2. I would clean up the design of your homepage as some of the text is all center aligned and looks not well laid out.

    3. Consider adding a Featured Product section on the homepage (i.e. XY Of The Month). Pick one products and tell people why you picked it and what makes it great

Product Page  Feedback

    1. Add a section at the bottom of product pages to show your most viewed/bought items from the site. This can help increase your average order value

    2. Make sure each product has 3 - 5 images as that will help someone decide if they want to purchase. A lot of products I saw only had 1 or 2 images

    3. Add a section for customer reviews when you get them. This helps build social proof

    4. I would redesign the layout of your product page as it's super tight right now. Some white space in key places can make it feel more airy


Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Your store looks nice and the products are very useful.


I have reviewed your website briefly and here are some of my feedbacks that you can implement on the site easily.


  1. Make sure your social media pages opened at the new tab instead of the same tab. This will ensure your customers stay on your website while looking at your social presence.
  2. Add a phone number, on the Contact page. It will add an additional level of trust to your store.
  3. Add live chat option on the website.
  4. Make sure you use sentence case everywhere, the current sidebar menu is mix of lot of text transformations.
  5. Make sure the newsletter section is available on all the pages of the website.
  6. The default search landing page https://0y5izn7c6d7639l1-7631110229.shopifypreview.com/search is bit off, I mean it's empty. You can show products on that page as well by simply updating the default search on the website with different search solution.
  7. Lastly, I would strongly recommend to replace the default search with advanced search like Sparq which allows advanced custom filters, spelling correction and other such feature. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.

I hope my feedback will help you converting visitors into customers.


May it rains customers and orders,

Neha :)


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