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Hi. My store sales an assortment of
Items. I get a lot of traffic from social media post alone as well as a few hundred dollars in Facebook and IG ads. My thing is this, why are people adding to cart or going to checkout but after 2 months just 1 sale? They Ike it on social media but I cannot get them to buy in real life. Please look at shopyible.com and give your honest opinion on what I’m doing wrong. Everything depends on me being able to make a living off of my store.

Hi Shopyible,
  • The popup "Enter your email and get 10% off" is hard to close on mobile (the x is too small)
  • When people add products to cart they probably notice the free shipping "for a few hours" (try to google it with Quotation marks), it's not really the right way to say that shipping will arrive within few hours, it means that some activity will last few hours, like that this sale is only for a few hours, anyway you better say Same-Day delivery.
  • Change "Check Out" to "Checkout" or "CHECKOUT" in one word, it has different meaning
  • I'd change the red / black update cart / checkout buttons colors, google "checkout buttons" to see which colors web designers are using, it's usually blue/ green/ yellow, red is used to get people's attention, now that they added products to cart you need to seal the deal and communicate comfort and the sense of security, not saying that you don't but it's something with this specific red that could be intimidating at the cart level.
  • after mentioned free shipping will arrive within few hours, not sure if that's what you meant, when I checkout I got estimated 5-15 days delivery.
  • when I click McAfee secure i get a white screen on mobile.
  • I'd remove the "checkout seurely with.." banner or put it in the bottom, it's obvious, just make people wonder and think about it...
In regards to Facebook ads, I understand that you had only one sale so far, how many visited and how many added to cart? People liking you on social media is nice to have but it’s not money, make sure your ads investment or marketing efforts leads to getting value or learning and capturing on Facebook who is your most likely to purchase audience by capturing the people who visited your store, added to cart and purchased, try using Facebook ads with our new Smart Ads app to help you get there fast and design your first audience targeting: with https://apps.shopify.com/my-smart-ads , It creates dynamic collection ads and slider ads with products catalog on Facebook for your store and help you with constantly improving your sales with introducing better new learning audiences on Facebook.
Good Luck! 
and all the best!
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