2 Weeks and NO sales. Need Help and Opinions

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Hi All,

Thanks for looking into my inquiries.

Im in dire need of help. It has been 2 weeks since i opened my new store. It's my first experience business-wise. I learnt a lot through these 2 weeks especially in looking with all the important metrics for me to keep testing on what's working with my store and my ads. As a side note, i knew shopify and dropshipping a little more than 6 months ago and i keep learning from buying courses and youtube videos. First started, i have high hopes due to my learning process i think it's long and i think it was enough. Well, i was wrong, i learn more from these 2 weeks than the past 6 months. Although it is hard due to no conversion, no sales. But i love to keep learning and improving. It's a special and interesting process.

Installed hot jar and see what's my customer doing at my site. From there, my site viewers increase in average time spent. It's a good thing i guess.

I would like to know your opinions and ideas on how can i keep improving with my store so that it can convert. Maybe it's the product but i see many competitors are selling the same, just that there are selling in a general store and selling higher price, whereas im making it more to a brand. Your insights and opinions are very valuable and much appreciated. Thanks!


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Hi there,


I noticed that your product page for the bag is very lengthy, I mean it is good that you have a description and photos. But perhaps you can arrange it a bit better, so users don't have to scroll all the way down to see reviews as an example. Moreover, I see images with text, they look like screenshots, I mean the font on images and actual text font look different. But the good thing that you are using photo reviews!


If there is a chance to perhaps change the main banner image on the homepage in order to add more contrast to colors since on gray background they are not standing out.


Also, I see that you are capturing emails for some incentive, good job. Discounts may work for creating an account, asking to leave a review, and etc. as well.


But the most important thing, you need to show the presence to your target audience that you exist, improve social media and try to learn about ads. You can try to figure out how Google Ads work for you and set up your campaigns, no need to spend a lot for beginning, just a small portion at first


Good luck :)

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Hi ,


I just reviewed your website. I have noticed a few things that you might consider taking to make your store better. 


Home Page: For engaging new customers you need to completely redesign your home page and make your website user-friendly. Ensure text is user-visible while web fonts are loading. Use eye-friendly fonts. Add more sections on home page such as ‘blogs’, ‘Top selling products or best selling products’, ‘New arrivals’, ‘offers & discount banners’ to make your website user-friendly.  


Menu - Menu and its label have a great impact on the user. Menu structure needs to be fixed.  Items on the menu provides easy navigation to users and provide information to search engine as well.


Product Images: For processing of photos you can insert images into carousel.

Also, provide functionality of zooming to every Images. Observe the optimization of the image (Basic Image SEO).   

Product Page: Product page formatting seems messed up. It should be nicely spaced so that  buyers find it visually appealing. You can display the extended details using tabs rather than breaking the text into smaller parts.


Speed Optimization - To increase visitors you need to work on your website performance’s speed as I am seeing it is very slow i.e 40%. It should be above 70%. Also, you need to optimize website images. It will improve the user experience. Fast page load time will also boost the website’s crawl rate. 


Adapt Mobile First Strategy: Make mobile your first priority. Check everything on your mobile first from structure to design, check each and every element of your website on mobile view as more than 90% of internet use is expected to come from mobile devices only. 


Structured Data- What I observed that you have implemented structured data but some attributes have missing value such as ( SKU, product reviews, brand, URL), so it's always recommended to assign these values, it will help increase search appearance on SERP.  


Put Effort Into Online Reviews & Social Proof: Social media Makes your visible and it expands conversion such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms for marketing and connecting with customers. 


Add call to action :Use good CTA it can increase conversion and sales.


I hope my feedback will help you!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!


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Thank you!!! 

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If people are visiting your store but not staying for long then you might need to work on making your website more interactive. You need to entice and push your new visitors towards sales and conversions. Before proceeding further I would like to gather more information on your engagement strategies. And how do you reconnect and retarget those visitors who leave your website without making a purchase?
According to me, every visitor is an opportunity and every visitor forgone is an opportunity lost. So let's discuss further how to capitalize on "the opportunity".
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