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Open www. Gracebuildersmy Shopify . Com no sales can you look at my store and give me some suggestions
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Hi, @Gracebuilders!


I'm happy to provide you with some feedback on your store and help with any marketing strategies you may be struggling with as well!


When I view your store, there is no information on your brand, no logo, no shipping and return details or contact information. These are all extremely important things to have on your store, as without them, there is no trust between the customer and your business. Without any idea of who they're purchasing from, your potential customers may be extra cautious to order from you.


  • To improve this, consider making a logo for your store using a free tool such as Hatchful, and add it to your site for brand recognition. Logos act as the face of your business. They’re a visual display of what your company stands for, and can be used to promote your brand both online and offline. You can read more on this from this blog post here.
  • There is little shipping information in your footer, advising customers that the shipping time may vary between 3-45 days, but that's it. Having a separate page in your store that is dedicated to outlining the shipping details, if the products can be tracked from the courier, how to process returns, etc. This is all very important information to your customers that can be a deciding factor of whether or not they want to purchase from you, so definitely consider adding that in!
  • You could also add in a page that is about your business and how it came to be. Customers like knowing more about the actual business they're ordering from so they can feel more confident that they are ordering from a reliable source. You can check out more on this topic for the importance of an "About Us" page, right here.
  • Lastly, you need to add contact information on your storefront so your customers know how they can get in touch with you for any questions they may have. Customers may want to contact you to ask about your products before making a purchase, so you may be missing out on sales that you're not aware of with no contact info! You can easily create a contact page following the steps outlined here, and you could even write down your contact email address in the footer alongside the shipping information you already have.

I think these points are the most important for first setting up your store, since not having these trust points can be detrimental to your business. I understand how it can be hard to earn that trust from your customers without any sales, but you can find some more great pointers to help out with this right here.


On a separate note, I'd be curious to know which marketing tactics you have tried so far? I see that you have a Facebook page linked in your footer, which is great! Have you done any advertising on there and seen any traffic come in as a result? I'm happy to discuss what you've tried already to provide you with some strategies that could work!

Freddie | Social Care @ Shopify
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