250 Online Sessions and still no sales Please help

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As you can see from the header I have had 250 people who have visited my store and yet no sales, a few add to carts, etc however no sales as of yet. 




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Hi Paulo,


Like with anything, it's important to determine your marketing strategy and your target niche demographic. It seems like you found your niche, swimwear, but just like athletic clothing, it's extremely competitive. 


I quite like your logo, but your navigation menu isn't properly aligned and you two very different shades of pink that doesn't seem very visually cohesive. You don't need the second banner, and if you want to include beachy elements in your website you could overlay the image from the second banner beneath the header.


It also seems like a lot of the products listed in the sale can't be found in the navigation menu... while it's great you have styles of swimwear, I think you could do without the sale and perhaps build upon these styles. 


Overall, I think your website has a lot of potential but it does lack cohesiveness. 


Hope this helps!

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Hey, Paulo!


Aria here, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify.


Your store looks great, I love your images. There are a few things for sure I'd improve on though.


The first thing I notice is that your website looks pretty anonymous. I don't know anything about the business, who owns it, where the business is based. A well-written About Us page can help sell people on your brand. This is especially important when you're selling something like swimwear. The market is pretty saturated so you need to establish your Value Proposition and build a community and brand following. Why should I buy your swimsuit instead of the one I saw on another store? I stumbled across this video last year. They've made more up-to-date video's since but this one inspired me because she talks about how she built a community around her brand using Facebook groups. This is what sells her product. Her customers could easily get a waist trainer somewhere else. If you look at her website, you'll see she has a blog that adds a lot of value beyond the product. The blog posts are not just about pushing for sales, they include things like a beginner's how-to guide, interviews, health topics, workout information, nutritional advice and more. On a website selling swimsuits, you could include a fit guide, how to choose swimwear for your shape, travel destination advice, packing advice, sun care...... You get the idea.


It's important for customers to be able to speak to you quickly and easily when they have questions. If they can't, they will assume it will be too difficult to reach you if they have a problem with their order. I did find your email address in your Returns information page but it needs to be easier to find. You can create a Contact Us page. Using a form like that means a customer can email you without having to open their email account. I would include a postal address. People trust stores more if they know where they are. The Facebook Messenger Channel is another convenient communication method. You are likely to notice a messenger alert faster than an email and you can quickly respond on your phone when you're out and about. You can also use the Messenger Channel to sell more products. People are moving more towards Social Media for communication. I have a store of my own and so far, all of my customers have contacted me on Facebook Messenger or Instagram Messenger. The only emails I've received were from wholesalers trying to get my business. My customers were happy with how quickly I responded to their questions and every person who spoke to me placed an order. I would still always accept emails, of course, it's important to give people a choice.


A shipping information page is a good idea. People will be curious where you ship to, how much it's likely to cost and how long it's going to take. If a customer has to go all the way to checkout to find out about your shipping, it will lead to a lot of abandoned carts.


I'm not sure if you created Facebook and Instagram pages for your business. This is important. It gives you an audience to market your products to and it provides Social Proof that can help build trust in your business. Once you start getting sales, you can also install the Product Reviews app.


When you create your Social Media pages, make sure you link them to the footer of your store by going to Online Store > Themes > Customize > Theme Settings > Social Media.


If you're running Facebook ads, make sure you run a Like Campaign until you have at least 100 followers. Only then would I pay for product ads. Facebook ad targeting is a tricky science. This guide can help get you started with that.


I'm not sure what other plans you have for your marketing. We have some great courses on Shopify Academy, including Instagram Marketing, Email Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All of these options are cost-effective compared to Facebook ads and Google ads. It can even be free.


This is quite a lot to go on. You've done a great job of building your store. Building a brand takes more time but can definitely be done. Feel free to let me know if you need help coming up with your strategy.

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Paulo,


Your store looks great! your story, design, theme, graphics all are very appealing, I have a couple of suggestions, nothing major, you should be selling...

few things to consider:

  • Try to test adding a bit of color to your add to cart and checkout buttons, it does look great as is, but from experience red/blue/green... call to action drives more sales, see: LINK
  • You offer COMPLIMENTARY products , where shipping is £9.99, if you don't see sales what could be happening is that you get many people who are looking for free stuff, they see your ads, try, add to cart see that it cost money and they leave, you probably need to switch and show your products to people who  are looking to buy great offers and high quality, the cost per click will be higher ;-) but you'll get sales, traffic doesn't pay the bills.

I'd recommend finding the right people who are most likely interested in buying, one of the best ways to do it is with Facebook Dynamic Ads and advance targeting, make sure your ads investment leads to getting value, and till then, learning who is your most likely to purchase audience by capturing the people who visited your store, added to cart and purchased, try our new Smart Ads app for Dynamic Facebook Ads, to help you get there automatically from your first audience targeting and dynamic ads to full professional optimization: https://apps.shopify.com/my-smart-ads


All the best!



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