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Hello everyone,


       Recently I have decided to start up one of the most saturated niche's ( Phone cases/Accessories ). I previously owned a store selling women's shoes that obviously didn't do so well because of various reasons. I decided that if i couldn't sell at least a few phone cases/accessories a day with this niche, using free instagram marketing/ paid facebook/instagram marketing that I would give up at that point.


        I have spent countless hours customizing my store adding apps, reviews, correct languages, Bold Multi-Currency converter+bold cashier for translated checkout (pricing/language). As I've been providing Free worldwide shipping to my customers and targeting worldwide, minus a few countries. After getting almost 300 visitors one day and 10-20 Add to carts/checkouts and not one sale, I figured it had to do with languages/prices not translating properly on the final checkout page.


     The main source of my customers are India, which have been coming by the boat load at a low conversion cost. I then created another ad set specifically for india and I have been getting alot of traffic, add to carts just no sales. If it was my prodouct, product descriptions, images, theme etc, why would they get to checkout and not purchase? I'll admit my Home page isn't anything special but I wanted to be simple and clean throughout my website. Writing this I am now at almost 300 visit's and its 2:24pm.


Please if anyone can provide any insights as to what my problem is, or if I just picked a product that just isn't even possible to profit from anymore. Maybe I should stick to the U.S? Anything helps, Thank you.


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Here are a few things I would work on: 

-Work on improving load speeds immediately. It took a really long time for the homepage to display for me and that is definitely affecting your sales. 

-If you have a lot of potential customers adding to cart but not completing checkout, then you'll need an abandoned checkout remarketing campaign. You could use Facebook to serve ads to these people who abandoned their cart, reminding them of the products they were browsing. You can also send an email campaign, reminding them to return to the site to complete their purchase. This may help convert some of the traffic that is already visiting your site. 



Hope that helps!

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Hi there,


It's great to hear about your journey so far, and I agree that's quite a saturated niche, however still profitable.


Your website definitely needs a few final polishes to smooth down the issues it currently has that affect your conversion rate. 

Your contact us pop up keeps appearing even after closing it multiple times:


Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 06.12.02.png


Then each time I close it, another pop up window appears:


Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 06.12.27.png


That can definitely be annoying and can affect your user experience and conversion rate. After a few attempts to close each new pop up, many shoppers might just leave the website to shop elsewhere [as you mentioned it's a saturated niche with plenty of competing websites]. Make sure to work on your user experience and store navigation, as that's also part of the conversion rate optimization.


Almost all of your items are on sale - that can affect your credibility as a retailer. People might not feel the discounts are genuine, or that they get real knock-off prices. Be very scarce with your discounts, and offer only 10% of products on sale at a time. People will then be more prone to buy items on sale.

Work on your trust signals as well - the products with that many reviews do seem a little icky:


Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 06.12.52.png


People might have an impression you are selling dropshipped low-quality products from China [even if you do it, it's best to build branding as a seller of premium quality products]. Online shoppers are more and more aware of Wish and AliExpress platforms and know how to spot the products they can otherwise buy on their websites. 

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Thank you very much for your detailed feedback and response @Rockpapercopy Recently, I changed my ad targeting methods. I’m still targeting worldwide excluding ( Africa, Philippines, INDIA, China & Thailand) . I read up on something about India being a waste of time and money. I still have a multi currency checkout for my other countries when checking out , and I believe the multi-currency is what is slowing my site down tremendously. I noticed this slowing after adding the bold apps. I should keep multi currency checkout if I’m targeting worldwide correct? Also, I just added that contact thing yesterday because customers kept using the contact form and it was a hassle to reply to. I will try to find a better form of live contact so it’s not popping up on them. Now that I have removed those countries from my targeting I get 70-100 visitors a day now. I get decent amount of people adding to cart and checking out but not purchasing, it makes me feel like it’s sonething within the checkout that they change their mind? I have total 4 sales in a little over a month. I will take your advice into consideration by removing reviews, messenger, large quantity of discounted items and trying to get the site to pickup speed. Any recommendations on my fb targeting? I feel I’m not getting enough traffic, I have also built myself up my IG account and have been using that to build a name for myself as well.

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Thank you very much for you reply @SarahAtCarro ! I believe it’s because the bold discounts and bold multi currency checkout page that I have added recently there has been slowed my page down tremendously.

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Also, would you recommend me giving only a discount to new customers or should I discount 10 percent of my items at 30 percent ?

Hi @CellScreenCases 


Mobile phone cases are extensions of someones personality. What they love or believe in etc. Your website doesn't scream this phone case will make me feel good. 


I could write few suggestions but this is the main thing I believe you need to work on. 


I have few ideas if you wanted to reach out REACH CLAYTON 



Clayton Bates 


P.S never give up on your dreams if it makes you happy :) 

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