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I opened my store 2-3 weeks ago and so far I've spent like 100-200$ on Google Ads and found a winning product which gets me like 80% of clicks, 1 add to cart from 30-50 clicks but no reach checkouts or sales.

What do you think about it? 
URL: https://tikkishop.com

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I love your logo, 

1 really good thing you should break your items into categories at the moment they are dog and cats, but break it down further, accessories, toys, etc.

Also add your story to the site, maybe some photos of your pets playing with them

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I had look into your store, Its looking cool.
I suggest you can decrease the size of the header section, then its looking more gorgeous.
And you can include a simple video on landing pages to show there’s a real person behind your brand, then its uses for increasing your store conversions.


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Thank you guys !!

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Hi Miclescu! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

I absolutely love your store bold and user-friendly look. The logo is fun and playful, the same the featured image. I’d optimize the promo image further, by adding a CTA [call to action] button encouraging people to click it and linking it to one of your collections.

  • Consider also adding more content to your homepage to make it more engaging to browse - featured products, another promo banner [with a free delivery info for example] etc.
  • In your top menu, consider featuring your collections first in the order, and the blog at the end. It will help you shift your customers’ focus to shopping [primary content], and then they can click the blog, as it’s a secondary content.
  • Your collection page looks great. Consider displaying three items per row instead of five - it will help you create more upmarket and premium feel, which will improve the perceived value of the products. See the example below:


Collection with 5 items per row:



Vs. collection with 3 items per row:



The second option makes the images bigger, clearer to see, more comfortable and feel more premium. This will translate into bigger sales, as the products would look more desirable.

You can easily change the collection layout by tweaking the code of the collection page template - if you’re not sure how to do it, please contact me now.

  • Your product page looks great - you have add to cart button above the fold, together with variants, perfect. Your product descriptions are unique, which is also fantastic. Consider also optimizing your product page further by adding related products section. It will help you improve the customer journey [sales funnel] and the time spent on your website, which is a big Google ranking factor. It will also help you improve your sales - through cross-selling. You can add related products to your Shopify product template by following this simple video guide: https://www.rockpapercopy.com/blog/cross-selling-how-to-add-related-products-in-shopify
  • Refund policy - you still have Shopify default policy here - consider writing a unique policy for your store, in order to tailor it to your circumstances. It will also help you avoid any Google penalty issues due to having a duplicate content [policy the same as other stores].
  • Shipping policy - consider also adding a detailed delivery info with your shipping rates and countries you ship to. Even if you offer a free global shipping, make sure to specify it on this page and make it easy to find in your footer menu. People often look for this info before committing to make a purchase, as they want to clarify the shipping charges to their country. You might be losing on sales by not displaying this page on your website.
  • About us page is ok, and I’d recommend adding more info here to build a rapport with your visitors. Consider adding a photo of your team and premises, tell more about your credentials as a pet toys supplier. It will help you built authority in your niche and build trust - and people prefer shopping from the brands they trust. So longer and more detailed About us page can also help you boost sales.
  • Make sure to optimize this page for the search engines with SEO friendly H tags, internal links, defined snippet and tags. Learn more: How to SEO your Shopify pages [tutorial].
  • Social media profiles look great - consider posting regularly to establish your presence and build your brand awareness.

SEO score is 46/100

Consider writing longer Google snippet for your homepage. It is the value that appears as a listing in the Google search results, so make sure to write catchy meta title and meta description to stand out from the other results and encourage people to click your listing and visit your site. Your current Google snippet needs more content:



As you haven’t got much content on your homepage, your heading tags are not defined - make sure to improve on that:


In order to redesign your website and improve your sales, invest in your complete website redesign package here: https://www.rockpapercopy.com/website-redesign.html


If you liked this website critique, and would like to request a review of your own store, please click here now: https://www.rockpapercopy.com/critiques.html


Best regards,


Rock Paper Copy  

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Thank you guys !


Had my first sale of 8$ and a profit of 6$, quite happy because it's my first sale

The fact that I don't really know what to do right now is quite scaring lol, I've made my first sale but the cost of ads is 4 times profit , I mean I spent ~20$ to make 6$ from the sale