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Hey Community,


I have been working on my store for a while now (iridescentjewellers.com). The issue is that annoyingly ive spent £500 on ads so far across facebook and google, yet no avail. I've tested different ad sets and i'm getting plenty of traffic however not many add to carts or conversions. This has been going on for months and i'm wondering what I am doing wrong as i've had no sales what so ever.



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I just had look into your website. I observed few points on your website, I hope those are helpful for your website.

->I see one of your item in view page, item contains only specifications you can add the description of items, An elegantly composed item description clarifies the advantages of the item and persuades the customer that they need the item as well as need it. Your item description is the one you need to catch their eye to in light of the fact that it can without much of a stretch pull in them and influence them to put in a request.
-> And one of the item Gallery images are not in equal sizes, Use all images are in equal sizes.
-> You can improve your Testimonials. Testimonials take the spotlight away from the seller, and shine it on the customer. Adding client testimonials to your website can be an extremely effective way to establish trust and strengthen your company's reputation. They are extremely powerful tools when it comes to strengthening your branding.
-> I suggest you can add your store blog. Blog gives you the chance to make important substance for your clients. Utilize this as a promoting strategy to manage movement back to your site. Blog make better Your Website's SEO , Increase Traffic to Your Website through inbound links.
-> You can regularly promote your products through social media pages and increase your followers, It helps for increasing of your conversions.


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Hey Iridescent Jewellers,

"New Arrivals" are a must to display the latest store trends and fashion. Apart from that,the logo should be shifted slighlty leftwards while, the sidelinks slightly rightwards to allow uniform space distribution on the header top. Some other keen observations for store optimization are as follows:

  1. I would love to see an Account login/sign-in system, as it is a must for an ecommerce.
  2. Both Login and Search Bar should be placed in the first row on the top right of the header while, the Cart and Currency Converter should be placed in the second-row respectively.
  3. A unique header template should be created to highlight amazing discounts or free shipping offers if any.
  4. In your case, "FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE WITH NO MINIMUM ORDER!" should be highlighted on the header template for ease of customer notice and attention.
  5. "Sale" section should be added to the main menu for keeping all discounted items together. 
  6. More social links need to be added like Twitter, Linked in etc for grabbing better customer traffic and centricity.
  7. You should add "Terms and Conditions" like Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and FAQ’s if any as, again these also help in building search engine content.
  8. All footer links need to be vertically arranged for better placement and orientation.
  9. Footer links should be placed to the left, newsletter to the right while, social links below both of them.
  10. For improving customer choice, reviews should be added below each product.
  11. Testimonials and Instagram images add to the overall brand promotion.
  12. You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  13. Finally, I would also recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here.

    You can use Sparq free trial for as many products in your store. After the trial period, you can enjoy with Sparqs Free Starter Plan for upto 1000* products.

May the store improvement result in the conversion of visitor traffic to customer sales shortly.

Neha :) 



Sparq is a fast and beautiful product filter and search solution for Shopify store owners. It allows store owners to add a custom tag, metadata, or variant based filters on their collection page and upgrade their default search to an extremely fast, more user-friendly and feature-rich search.
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Hi Mxhid !

Your store looks cool, and its its positive sign that you are getting traffic to your store. Issue is in Design of the store that are not engaging the customers to stay in your store and buy your products.

I have gone through your site. Though it looks good, there are quite a few things missing on your store which if added can really make a lot of difference to the user experience, conversion rate and your overall sales.



  1. Header -- Have a sticky header and a clear smart search bar to help users locate the products they're looking for.Also a slide out cart, a cart icon with item calculator must have features. Login icon must be there for buyer account creation before purchasing.  Example of Good Header 
  2. Footer -- Optimize your footer with more professional and functional look and also highlight your newsletter sign up so people who follow your brand will receive more updates about promotions and sales. Some security badges are missing in the footer that must be included for authenticity and security purpose



A lot can be done to your homepage to make it more informative & attractive.  Example of Nice Home page 

  1. Banners & Branding -- Add hero banner with prompt CTA buttons that syncs well with your store theme & branding. This banner should include info like free shipping, offers/deals like 50% off, etc
  2. Color, Font & Branding -- Over All Text, Font , Paragraph , Alignment , Spacing , Padding etc should be more elegant so that your store looks well-organized, neat and visually appealing. Maintain the same or similar colors and fonts throughout your store to keep your  branding intact 
  3. Featured Collection -- Add all the top featured collection on the homepage so users know the type of products you're selling on your store.
  4. Featured / Bestseller products -- Engage your customers by letting them know the bestseller products on your store                                     
  5. Testimonials -- They add to the trust factor as when customers see what other buyers have to say about your products, it makes them more sure about your brand.
  6. Highlight your USP -- What's unique about your brand that none of the other Shopify merchants have? This needs to be highlighted in your store presentation, features & more.
  7. Trust badge on Home Page -- This is important as this helps to build trust and assures your customers that your brand is authentic



Your customer views this page to have an in-depth view of the products and services you offer Example of Good Collection Page 

  1. Banner adding on Collection page -- Make your collection page stand out with interesting & creative collection banners
  2. Product filter for easy navigation -- Categorize & filter products by their size, color or type so users find product to product navigation easy.
  3. Product Label -- Product labels like % off, ‘New Arrival’, ‘Sold Out’ must be there must be there for the ease of the buyer
  4. Product Showcasing -- Clear product title and description , high quality images , reviews , related products , color swatch function, 2nd image on hover,grey effect for sold out products , product labels . All these features make your store much more convenient, authentic, easy to use and user friendly.                                                                                                    


  1. Features like custom swatches, product zoom in, product reviews, unique product titles/descriptions, cart drawer and a sticky cart with a sticky add to cart and buy now button will make your product page more interactive and user-friendly. Example of Ideal Product Page 


  1. Sticky Buy now or add to cart button ,Sticky cart -- A Sticky Cart feature or sticky checkout bar reduces cart abandonment and engages the customer in your store.
  2. Functionality Of Cart Page -- Discount code , Gift wrapping , additional cart notes , delivery date picker, i agree with terms and conditions, trust badges, etc.  for personalizing your customer's shopping experience on the cart page. 


  1. Apps Integration -- Useful app need to be integrated like live chat option, multi currency app, sale pop up so that it create urgency for buyer to buy products.
  2. Proper integration of Google Analytics, Facebook store, Instagram store, google search console -- These features will help you track and analyze how customers interact with your store

     3.Proper setup shipping, taxes -- Set up shipping and taxes options for different areas/countries or for particular products.

  1. Google shopping -- Let your users easily discover & buy your products with Google smart shopping marketing campaigns.

Hope these suggestions are useful for you and will help you for more sales in the future. If you have any queries, do let me know here.

Good Luck :)

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Here is my detailed analysis of your Shopify Store (iridescentjewellers.com)


Homepage Analysis:

~ The header needs rectification as it's the first thing a visitor sees while visiting your website. Kindly check the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/r3xna2 to understand better.

~ Issues with the Navigation. Kindly refer screenshot: https://prnt.sc/r3xonc

~ Banner images are very simple, also no CTA is provided on the Banner Image. Banner images play a very crucial role to engage the visitors on your website so it has to be perfect. Check Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/r3xqow

~ Homepage needs to have more options and content. You need to add more categories. Check Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/r3y8gh

~ Footer is very basic and needs to be modified completely. Refer screenshot: https://prnt.sc/r3yasq

~ Since you ship worldwide, you offer a currency converter but language converter is also important. try adding it too.

~ Add "Wishlist" to your site, with the Wishlist user, can add interesting products to their Wishlist when in the future they visit the store, they can find that item. It increases the chances of purchase.

~ Also, there should be social login functionality. It helps in easy checkout.
~ Install a "chatbot" for quick chatting option on the site


Collection page analysis:

~ Collection page is neat.


Product Page Analysis:

~ The description of each product has to be more detailed

~ Add review section for each product

~ Add "more products like this" category

Making these changes will surely help you increase conversions.

If you need help regarding Store Customization you can ping me directly on Skype. My Skype ID is live:mohdsaquibkhan


Best regards,



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Hello @Mxhid,

You need to start focusing on your website engagement and interaction. No matter how much effort you put in your store but everything will go in vain if you are not able to capture your visitors on the website. You really have an amazing collection on your store. Here are few suggestions you need to work on:-


1. Add shipping policy in the footer. On the homepage after displaying the collection, you should give product recommendations by personalizing the consumer shopping experience through gathered data, you can give better suggestions to your customers, which will then increase the likelihood that your customers will purchase a suggested product.

2. You can engage your visitors by adding web push notifications which will help you in retargeting your customers. They are clickable rich content messages sent to your device by a website or a web app. It can be delivered to your device, mobile or desktop, even when the user is not on your website. It can be used in retargeting with push notifications include browse abandonment, retargeting users abandoning the shopping cart, activating dormant users with offers, retaining users with personalized content and more.

3. Start using a loyalty program and referral program to entice your customers. It will help you build a loyal customer base. You can give loyalty points to your customers on activities like signing up, allowing for web push notifications, make a purchase, visiting a store and many more.

This will help in doubling the sales as when you give loyalty points to your customers they will come again on your store to make a purchase in order to redeem those points. You can give rewards to your customers to redeem those points.

4. Add a chatbot to make sure you never lose any of your customers. 


If you would like to implement all these features to maximize engagement and conversions on your store I would suggest you to install AiTrillion.com. It has all the essential features in a single app and is a fully integrated app. It is 'All in One' Shopify app. Plus you don't need to install multiple apps. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.

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