3 Music Merch Stores

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I’ve just released the following stores. Seeing if anyone has any CRO thoughts?


Thanks for your time!

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Woohoo triple launch! Good luck.


I browsed around a bit, these are the pain points I experienced:


1) I found the products difficult to browse on my laptop because the scrolling header takes up about 25% - 30% of the screen height (testing on macbook pro). I would condense the scrolling header to just the hamburger menu, a small logo, and the icons in the top right.


There are duplicate items in the hamburger slide out menu and the horizontal static menu, so those could be consolidated.


2) I couldn't find any information about the brand and why it's awesome. I've done heat map testing on sites and found that an About link in the header can be a heavily clicked element - an opportunity to connect with your prospects and share the story of your brand.


I'm not sure if having multiple call to action buttons on the product page will help or hurt. I would A/B test this (only an add to cart button vs the 3 options, maybe only ATC and PayPal, etc.)



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I have gone through your stores. Nice one.


Hope following tips will help you:


1. Use banner with call to action

2. Optimize your page speed for both desktop and mobile

3. Add blog section and update blog twice per day for real traffic

4. Integrate social platform

5. Use Google Shopping ads


There are lots of other tips which can help you, Please contact us for more tips: https://www.mswebdesigner.com/pages/contact-us


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