3+months and No Sales. Need Major Help Please

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hello everyone, i have setup my website www.motori-enterprise.com and we are getting roughly 0-49 (sessions) in a day. we have change the layout to make it more user friendly to navigate website from mobile and tablet. we did run some test we are currently working on fixing the seo/sem part . however we have tried several instagram and facebook ads but no success and we have few items on there as we are looking to grow our store with different brands in the aftermarket parts and accessories section. 

your thoughts , knowledge, and tips are greatly appreciated it. 

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I would like to start by saying I am no expert at online business, but I have noticed through personal experience that these posts tend to get almost no helpful feedback, so I thought I might try and provide some.

First thing I notice when I come to your store is the image of the Dodge Ram Truck, Now this is a good start. Almost all professional car companies from Toyota to Maserati start their website with an image. The difference being, quality. If you go to the Maserati website, you instantly see a stunning photo of their new car. The quality of their image is impressive, and this subconsciously makes us trust them more. The image you provide on your homepage is grainy, it doesn't match the type of quality you are trying to provide. If you could find a way to add a higher quality image, that would have a big impact.

The second thing I notice is your color palette, while I am not a web design master. I do recommend sticking to three colors. Black, White, and Yellow. After three colors, the website starts to look tacky and disorganized.

The last thing I notice is something very important. When I clicked onto your website I didn't know what you were selling. Your images don't line up with your products. While the two are related, that image gallery is the first thing people see. When I first came to your website I looked through that slideshow and I didn't know if you were selling trucks, yachts, or motorcycles. I recommend having your slideshow pertain to your sale topic. 

This is in no way trying to say you have a bad website, the layout, header, footer, and options menu are all very well done. I am just providing some constructive criticism.

Have a blessed day, Michael 


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I have observed small things. Otherwise Store was looking good.
One of the item https://www.motori-enterprise.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/brigh10n-led-d1s-goldpro-series-... the gallery images sizes are not in equal, check it.
Have you using Google AdWords?  It Increases Leads and Customers, and Increase your Brand Awareness to your visitors. It helps to increasing of your sales.


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Hello, there. 

Lisa here from the Social Care Team at Shopify. 

Some great advice from Michael. I will build on this to say my biggest concern when I came to your site was wondering what you were selling. I'd be very curious to see what sort of ads you are running to cause the decent volume of traffic, but such a high bounce rate. This indicates that you're getting customers in for what they expect to find in the ad, however they instantly leave because they're not finding it straight away. Here's a guide to Instagram Marketing in 2018, to ensure your ads are aligned with your sales objectives. It's all very well to have customers successfully visit from the ads, but you want to be sure that they're following through for the right reasons. Is your ad messaging and imagery precisely describing what the customer will find on the other end? Or is it misleading clickbait just to get them on the page? The latter can end up costing you without any real results. You're obviously doing something right to get the traffic in the first place, we just want to be sure the traffic you're targeting is the correct audience for your product. I recommend checking out this article on Product Market Fit to help you refine your messaging. It's important to think about what your audience wants, and if you're filling that need. Figure out a couple of different markets you believe your product will sell best to, then test your theory. For example, if you're selling to customers who like to DIY their car repairs, think about the real reason why, and what the driver behind this is. Is it that they're experienced in how to fix cars so would rather do it themselves, or are money and affordability a driving factor that the customer has no choice but to attempt to fix their own car. Your marketing for those that like to tinker vs those that need your parts as a necessity are two different markets and would be motivated to buy from different factors. Then go from there to make ads based on your assumptions. The results will quickly show you which strategy is working best based on the traction you are getting. When making ads, and driving traffic to your site, consider this article here on Customer Psychology in Ecommerce: Behavior Change in the Digital Age.  It isn't always your site which is the problem. A lot of the time it can be the fact that you're targeting the wrong markets who are expecting something different when they land on your page. 

You have a unique market in the sense that most of the products you sell, the customer has to have some prior knowledge that it will be the right part for them. Try to think about ways you can make this process easier for customers to buy online, for example, making how-to videos and embedding them in your product descriptions. This way, not only are you providing a product, but you're also providing some really valuable information about how to use it. Another way you can provide peace of mind to your customers is to have and having a really thorough and easy returns process for the auto parts and accessories. I see you have a returns policy, however, it only offers in-store credit, and it is very strict with lots of conditions. While you need to protect your business, promoting easy returns is a great way to build trust that you're confident in your product that they will not need to return it. Easing up on this policy is also great to encourage that if the customer has genuinely ordered the wrong part that you'll happily exchange it for them. Weigh up the cost of how many returns you would realistically expect vs the benefits engineering a positive experience for potential customers. Check out this guide here on returns policies How to Make More Sales With a Flexible Return Policy.

Your site looks very professional and has a nice design so I will not comment on that. I do suggest you go through with a program like Grammarly to spell check. I did notice some grammar mistakes on some of your pages and policies. This can detract from coming across as professional to potential customers. 

Back to my original point, I do believe that the biggest issue on your site is that I don't know what you're selling and who your target market would be when I land on your homepage. You may want to start off by refining your product offering selecting a certain category in automotive and become a specialist for this. For example, car detailing products. This will allow you to have a really tight marketing strategy, and when customers come to your page they know exactly what you're selling. Your sales funnel from the ad the customer sees to the moment they come to your site would be a lot more focused. Consistency is key when breaking into a market as a new brand. Therefore, it's best to start with fewer products, build a brand and a following, and expand accordingly. This also allows you to put a lot of attention into each product listing to ensure your customers are well educated about what you're selling. This will make product- market testing much easier as well! You can choose 5 target groups you believe your product appeals to and run adverts specifically for each. When you start to get traction and then sales on each ad, you'll know which one is working. Learn more about this strategy here: Niche Products: How to Find Profitable, In-Demand Products to Sell. As well as how to A/B test ads here.

Best of luck with growing your sales! 

- Lisa



Lisa | Social Care @ Shopify
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If you're getting traffic, but no sales, maybe it'd be worth to set up a promo?

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching, it's worth preparing some tactics to sell as much as you can, and provide as much value to your customers as possible.

We’ve made a video on how you can help yourself during that intense holiday season, check it out on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2gPTnbnbcs