3 sales in 2 years, plz help save us !

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I'd have to agree with some of the posts above. 15k was probably a hard hit, and looks like you have 2.7 in sales not 4. 

Honestly, if you arent super knowledgeable yourself on web design and marketing, you are going to have to spend a whole lot more money to drive traffic and sales. 

Also, relating to your latest post, if 2 sales were made in person, do you have a brick and mortor store as well? Or, are you primarily online?

I feel like there is alot going on, and with you already being negative, knowing that you will have to spend alot more to raise traffic and sales....its going to be tough. 

IF you do choose to keep going, I would invest in a new template, a CREDIBLE agency to help with web marketing, including social media, seo, ad words, etc...

Also, do some research on web building. You will find a lot of things you can do yourself, hopefully helping to avoid another 15k + hit. Font, appealing colors and consistency are all things you can start with yourself, and will help the overall look while saving, and hopefully making you money. Though, again, thats just the surface..


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I see the problem... where the store address? People cant go to store to buy it in person! As for me never buy online not at those prices! Those high price i only buy it in person at mall store something!

(1) people probly think it Scam & Fraud website

website look nice with products but it your price what scare the people off! you need to show price range $30 to like $600 range for online store!

good luck any ways...

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We dont have a physical location :-(
We are online only


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I too am looking for suggestions to improve my wesite/ conversion rate. While we receive traffic not near as many buyers as I feel we should have.

As for your store I think like many have mentioned. The web design is lacking for what you expect your buyers to pay. Anyone willing to spend that kind of money sight unseen will likely want a qaulity appearnace from all asspects. Hate that youve spent so much money already but I think you need to invest in a company that can revitalize your website. My suggestion is to call a local university and or email the technology department and request a student who could help you which would be much less expensive if youre wanting to conserve funds. Good luck, i wish you guys the best, I know how tough it can be.


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That's always difficult Jandyce, you always get where you pay for, most of the times even less than what you pay for. 

I would advise to look for a agency that can help you convert your story into a professional image with a professional shop and a proper marketing campaign. Sure that will cost you, but if you really believe that you can earn it back that should not hold you back. If you have doubts spending extra money to get this business actually started I would think very carefully if you want to proceed just fiddling around, 3 sales in 2 years is not something I would want to spend my time on as merchant.

Good luck!


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Hi Mikhail, 

The biggest thing I see is that there is no story in your design, no branding. For that kind of money I want to see pictures of a woman wearing that jewelry and I want to be her. Take a look at mine www.miabellamachina.com

Who is your woman? What does she do? If you decide to stick with this spend some time with telling her story, maybe hiring a creative director to help your vision come to life. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Good luck!

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