3 sales in 2 years, plz help save us !

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Hello everyone,

i come to you in need of help, 

we created our online store about 2 years ago at www.newwavejewellery.com

 it has been a long journey consistently learning / updating / improving

My wife and I have spent close to 15,000$ (60% of that was a bogus SEO company :-( )

We have tried SEO companies (still less than 10 visitors a day, no sales in after 1 year)
We have social media accounts on Instagram Google+ Pinterest Facebook
We have run about 2000$ worth of google adds and facebook adds

Over the course of 2 years, and close to 15,000$ spent we have made 3 sales earning back about 4,000$.

Is there anything glaringly wrong that I am somehow missing? 
If there is any feedback / advice at all you can throw my way I am all ears and hungrily waiting

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Hi Mikhail,

If your going to be selling jewlery, your website needs to be very professional, you can get away with bad website designs for t-shirt products but high end jewlery requires a high end website, which I don't think you have right now. Take a look at a jewlery store we designed not too long ago, www.chamrey.myshopify.com, compare this to your current store, and you'll see what I am talking about. I would love to talk to you more in depth about your website, feel free to reach out to us via email.

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Thanks for your reply,

i took a look at the website and don't really notice much of a difference, probably because I am an amateur when it comes to web design and am unable to tell what great or average is. We recently redid our site and its so much better than before, it used to look like something built in the 80s. 

Long term we would definitely be interested in having a website done, but currently we are looking for a "work hard and put in hours" type of solution to get some income which we can then reinvest. 

I am already shopping around for jobs as we have run out of savings to keep financing this project. 

Currently we get on avg 6 visitors a day which is extremely low and I just don't know what to do about it. If we were getting 2,000 views a month and still making no sales I would think a new site would be the solution but with no traffic I think the priority is getting people to see us. 

Are there any ways of going about this?

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I will give you some constructive critisim.  


You are selling a high cost item,  you need to be above and beyond in design, information, and transparency.  You have amost non of that at ease.


1.  The logo is horrible.  I would suggest investing a few hundred bucks and having a professional logo designed to fit the brand and the value of the products.  That logo looks like a cheap hot tub logo, or a kids pool toy company, not a professional high cost jewelry store.


2. Conact info needs to be displayed in the header,  You need to assure your customers they can contact you or call you to ask questions,  I would never buy jewelery online if I had to hunt down their phone number.    I would suggest you have it placed on the header along with a call to action about contacting you as experts.


3. Lack of information.

The whole site lacks info and expertise.  You are selling 600.00 earings,  1K other things, but the product descriptions are not even descriptions.  You need to  describe the item, not only the specs, but also creatively.   Some of the best money you could invest in is copywriting for the products.  Not only will this help sell the customer, but its is a vital roll in SEO,    You have zero content worthy SEO.  You need content, you need infortmation, you need a reason for google to say hey this shop has the best item and the customer will know exactly what it is and its for them.    


Product photography  IT looks fake,  you have only 1 or two images for every product and they look generic,  you need to invest in more photo work, photos on people, photos of them  in tons of different angles,  I would even use models for the higher priced stuff.   Would you want to buy a 3K necklace with only one small photo of it upclose and one over all?   You want to be able to feel like you have  it in your hands that you can begin to feel the value of the peice. 


The site needs to feel safe trustworthy,   The way to do that is to make it less generic,  more engagement with the pages.   Use your social media to show photos of it on your models, take real shoots,  people want non generic when dealing with jewls.

This is just off the top of my head,  Please dont be offended,  You can toss all the money you want at it, but nonthing will replace good designers and good content.

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Not offended at all. Thank you very much for the detail of your suggestions. They all make a lot of sense. I will try my best to address all of this. 

Im not sure what you mean by above and beyond in design and transparency. The design of the site?


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Encouraging these nice people to continue isn't helping them.  They need to close down and start something else.  

How about selling something more affordable?

find some local artisans and feature their items.  Maybe items that have a tie to your local area.  

You don't have a business and at this point you need to throw in the towel.  


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I have to agree with Doug. Why keep sinking money into this thing? It isn't working. If having an eye for what makes a website look great isn't your thing, then maybe your in the wrong line of work. 

In any business you should always ask yourself, what do I have that makes me able to succeed better than my competitors? (in poker, if you can't spot the sucker at the table, then you are the sucker). 

What are your strenghts, passions, gifts, etc? Build a business around those. If you don't have any clear advantages, just get a job working for someone else. There is no shame in it.


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We are looking around for people to redo the logo

We are working on getting a lot more product pictures from different angles and settings
What do you think of this picture? Is it acceptable?


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By the way here is a copy of our traffic
So would the primary issue be traffic, not so much conversions?
I know quality of images and site can be improved
2 sales were made in person, and proccessed the transaction online, so real online sales were 3 as I mentioned.


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You need to do promotion, paid advertising and reviews from customers on your website