300 views, no sales

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I had 350 visitors yesterday but no products added to cart.

can i get some feedback please.


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Hi there,

Your website looks nice overall. ? 

However, it takes times to biuld your brand and trust. How did you bring traffic to your website? Social media adds? 

There are a few things I noticed so quickly.

—How about adding a professional logo?

—The carrousel images aren't the same size. Find some nice stock images that are the same size AND go well together.

—Your menu is a little strange. 

There is a square box on "ALL PRODUCTS."

I think your search box should be the first on the list AND a little larger size than what you currently have.

In addition to that, you have "SWEATSHIRT" be consistent and make it plural SWEATSHIRTS.

—Work on your spelling through out your site. 

These are only some improvements you can work on. :)


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Thank you for the feedback.  

I have done a few changes, care to take another look at my store? :)  www.easyway.shop 

I have had over 1000 visitors now, most through adwords ads.

is the problem my products?  





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Hi, site looks decent overall.

But the two images on your banner / carosuel don't match up with the products your selling? She looks as though she is browsing through a vintage or 2nd hand shop, I would change those for pics of your own products.

Your logo is blurry, which could put shoppers off. Why not go to FIVERR and get someone to design one for a few dollars / pounds? They only take a few hours too.

Your menu option SWEATSHIRT, should be SWEATHSHIRTS.

That's all that really jumped out at me for now, the rest is good!

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Your search box is not working properly. When you start typing "x" word, it opens in another window.  Take a look at my site for an example. 

As mentioned above you still need to make that word plural and be consistent. Pay attention to detail. :) 

I agree, you still need better images. 

 As far as logo, I had mine done at Envato Studios. I didn't have a good experience with Fiver. The two people I hired did a terrible job. Worse than I could have done myself with zero knowledge on designing. Lol

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Hey there,

I think some of your products need to be better. Your "FU" t-shirt is literally that word typed in font in the corner of the design. The design of your mandala hoodie is barely legible, and your peace sign hoodie could be better. Just my opinion, and I hope this helps!

Good luck!