32 checkouts initiated, only 6 sales?

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Hey guys, I have recently set up my shopify store and started it up with ads, etc. I have realised that the site is getting decent traffic for the stage everything is at, but I have noticed that I have gotten (what seems to be) a load of initiated checkouts, but only a fraction of the sales.


I know this means there is something that needs changing about my checkout, but I cannot work out what - from the analytics I have people seem to be dropping off before the payment page, but I cannot figure out why!?


This is the link to the product, on my store; https://simplyparentingofficial.com/products/baby-water-mat-infant-tummy-time

if anyone minds checking out my checkout process (obviously don't complete it)  just to see what you guys think I need to change it would be massively appreciated,

Cheers! :)

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Hi there,


Let's explore some of the reasons behind cart abandonment, taken from Optimizely. First, let's start with things I don't think are a problem:

  • Complexity
  • Lack of payment options
  • Technical problems

Here are some potential problems:

  • Lack of trust. It's important to build social proof so that your website comes across in the very best light. Right now, you're still very fresh faced. Maybe consider starting a blog or being more active on social media.
  • Prices, including shipping. I'm not the target market for your products so I'm not sure what the average industry prices are, but I would look into that to make sure you are staying competitive.
  • User experience: I think it would be a great investment if you redesigned your store. Right now, I'm noticing problems such as lack of a true niche, lack of personalization, and lackluster web design. You also seem to be missing a privacy policy and ToS, which could tie into the lack of trust part.

Hope this helps! 

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