3rd Party Logistics - 86Deal.com - Are they good?

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This is Alex. Recently, I wish to enhance the supply chain control of my dropshipping business and thus wish to engage with a 3rd Party Logistic. After doing my Google Search, I found this website 86Deal.com


They have written about how they are able to manage the logistics for Shopify store owners (of dropshipping business) who source products from China (which is exactly my case here).


I wish to send this 86Deal.com an enquiry to explore a possible collaboration. However, before I approach them, I wish to ask our Shopify Community about their efficiency and effectiveness in supporting the brand of a dropshipping business.


Specifically, I wish to know of the following points:

(1) any Shopify store owner (with dropshipping business) is working with 86Deal.com currently?


(2) I might not order bulk quantity of my products to be kept in 86Deal.com warehouse. I wish to first deliver my product (after receiving order from customer) to 86Deal.com and let them do the packaging for me and ship to customer destination directly from there. Is this possible?


(3) Is 86Deal.com able to do custom packaging for my products?


By right, I am supposed to approach 86Deal.com directly with my questions above.

Nevertheless, I wish to hear some testimony from Shopify store owners who are using 86Deal.com services currently first before going to them.


Appreciate if someone can reply me with constructive feedback.


Thank you very much

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Hello Alex,

Does BFE have their own website where we can choose to order their products like CJ Dropshipping?