60+ Visitors a day to my shop NO SALES??

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We have been getting 60+ visitors to our site daily for the past week and half but we haven't got any sales!? We are running off all organic traffic, we have had a few add to carts here and there and a few reached checkout but that's it, we have a pop up collecting emails to build our list. What can we do? Does anyone know or have any ideas why we're not converting?

Here's our store, Endless Hair Extensions


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I took a look at your site, and it looks great to me. Disclaimer, I was a stylist for 14 years, so I am looking at it with those eyes as well lol Still looks good!

I went ahead and added something to the cart to see the cart/checkout page, and that looked fine also. 

I am in the same boat myself, so not sure I can really offer anything up except to say that the site seems fine.

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Did you just put some IG models in your site? do they even know about that?

First thing I noticed is that the reviews look fake.

Mostly because they all have the exact same writing style, not even bothering to put a capital where it's due.. 


I don't know anything about hair extension but I do know a few things about sales, and if a costumer doesn't trust you... they not going to buy shit.


This store looks like a "Me too" shop, in other words, just another - of the same kind.

What makes you so special? 

Why people need to buy from you, and not the competitors?


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Hi Jennifer! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

Your products look great - it’s hard to believe these are fake hairstyles.

The homepage is very inviting, and the first impression is very positive - you have an engaging, good quality image of one of your hairstyles, which is great. Consider also adding a short tagline and a CTA [call to action] to the image, such as “Shop Now” to encourage people to click further and shop. This will help you reduce the bounce rate and improve the store navigation. Make sure that the image / CTA is then linked to a relevant collection.

Your pop-up contact message mentions that you reply immediately, and there is a green indicator light, which means you’re online, yet after 10 minutes, I still haven’t got a reply:

It’s great that you have a chat-bot form, but it would be better from the customer service point of view, to collect an email address and say “we will get back to you within 24 hours”. Otherwise you already give an impression you overpromise and underdeliver, which might people feel mislead. Also, it would be better for you to collect email addresses and build your mailing list - so consider configuring the settings again.

You have defined niche, which is great. I couldn’t find my type of color, such as straight platinum blonde in your selection. You only seem to have Russian blonde in straight styles, which is too yellow for me. But for dark-hair women you do have an insane selection, so I understand you are targeting this defined audience, which is perfectly fine.

Our Instagram Girls feature is great addition - make sure to check the links though. The first one opens on an error page, the 2nd one links to the Instagram profile, which is great, and the 3rd one is inactive:

Make sure to check for any broken links and update them, and also consider opening the external links [like the Instagram link] in a new tab, so you don’t lose the traffic from your site.

Your blog and the articles you publish are fantastic: you are being helpful with your tips and the SEO friendly content works on generating relevant traffic to your website - perfect.

Make sure to make each blog post convert visitors as well - or you’ll end up with a bunch of readers and no buyers :) Make sure to link from within the article to your products, such as when you are recommending certain hair extension style, link to the product from the article. Make sure also to have a button with a CTA at the very end of the post encouraging people to shop or subscribe for more hair styling tips. It will allow you to prompt visitors to view your products and also grow your mailing list.

When it comes to your store navigation, there are few glitches that might affect smooth customer experience. For example, on some of the collections, you have active image and title the customers can click, and on other collections your images are inactive, and only if you scroll down to the title below, you can click on it. This might make an impression that the links are broken, which might affect your conversion rate - please see the short screen recording below to see what I mean:


You also seem to have identical images used for two different hair colors in the same collection:

It would be better if you used different images for different hair colors - if you use the same image, that may affect your credibility and trust as a retailer. Customers might assume you don’t care about the images and perhaps about their shopping experience, and might ship them wrong color. These kind of tiny shopping glitches can greatly affect your conversion rate, so make sure to work on these.

Your footer menu has a good selection of links, yet you don’t need to feature them all here:

I understand you wanted to place them as internal links, yet Google doesn’t give that much weight to this type of links. It would be best if you had the links in two columns - in one column you can have links to your hair collections, and in the other you can have informational links, such as About us page, Contact us, Shipping and Returns etc. It will give you more polished and professional look and make the links easier to find as well.

Product page looks excellent - I love the additional tabs with extra product info and the Shipping/Returns policy opening in a new window within the page - perfect. It’s a great converting page and you also have plenty of quality images.

One thing I can suggest that could help you boost your conversion rate is to add videos on how to use your hair extensions - majority of your customers probably are already familiar with the process, but you might be not converting the customers new to the hair extensions, but wanting to try them.

So add instructional videos on how to pick the hair extension to the type of hair, how to choose the installation type, how to apply it to the hair - and how to look after it. These kind of videos will build your credibility and trust. People will love that you are making an effort to improve their buying experience and will be more prone to make a purchase. These videos will also bring more traffic to your site - beauty videos rank insanely well, and women love watching and sharing them online.

Story page has a great content - you mention what inspired you to start this business, what was your experience in this niche, and how you have the credibility and knowledge to recommend well. That’s perfect, as it earns you trust as a retailer. Make sure to optimize this page for the search engines with SEO friendly H tags, internal links, defined snippet and tags. Learn more: How to SEO your Shopify pages [tutorial].

The additional pages, like Why Us are also excellent source of information and are engaging and well converting.

Social media - you open the links in new tabs, which is perfect.

Your Facebook page has got a great selection of posts, although the first one links to an error page:

Make sure to monitor how your posts look as well and update when necessary.

Your YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram feeds look excellent.

The Twitter header image looks slightly blurry:

Consider using higher resolution [large file] image in .png file here to preserve the best quality.

Your SEO score is 57/100, which is great for new website - you actually know what you’re doing when it comes to SEO!

One thing I’d advise you to work on now are backlinks, especially from the most relevant sources. You have almost no backlinks yet, which is perfectly normal for a brand new store:

Backlinks are important when marketing your website, although they are often overlooked. Backlinks are powerful, as they are permanent - they won’t disappear from view, like a social media post, after few days or weeks. Once created, a backlink works in the background on your website rank. While you won’t see the results right away, with the right backlink strategy, your website can climb the Google search results. The higher it gets in the results, the more people click on it and visit your store. Therefore backlinks are also great source of relevant, organic and permanent traffic.

Remember about working on the backlinks on a regular monthly basis, as it’s the most powerful [and passive] way to increase your Google rank and traffic.

You have an excellent keyword density, working to your SEO benefit:

Well done!

If you liked this website critique, and would like to request a review of your own store, please click here now: https://www.rockpapercopy.com/critique/

Best regards,


Shopify Partner | Ecommerce expert

Rock Paper Copy  


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Hi there Jennifer,

I took a look at your site and it seems amazing. Of course, you have a few visitors in order to have a clear view of what to change. The average e-commerce conversion in the US  is at 2.63%.

Here is a useful article.

Since you had some add to cart but no sales, I would recommend you use an Abandoned cart mechanism. At my own store, I am using Flashchat and it works, quite well.

Good luck!


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Hi, thank you so much for your very helpful critique on my website! I really appreciate your time and effort!

Very helpful. I've been able to address all you mentioned except I need to work on the backlinks more now I see.

Can you tell me more about 'Your SEO score is 57/100' where did you get this score? For mobile or desktop? My mobile landing page score is about 45 and my desktop is about 98 according to Google Insights. But perhaps I"m not using an accurate tool?

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Hi Jennifer,

I'm so glad you are working on your website and that you found my tips helpful. I recommend testing your site using a few different tools - make sure you don't rely on only one tool when optimizing your website, especially if you get two so widely different results for the same website. I'm using Screaming Frog SEO tool when running free checks for people on the forum, and more advanced tools inclusive of my monthly SEO packages when working on the SEO optimization for the clients.

There are great free SEO tools you can try when testing your website:




Let me know if you have any other questions!

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You need to sell more popular and hot products. I suggest you use EPROLO APP, which is a free app with AliExpress top100 products. You can also import product from Aliexpress, Amazon, Dhgate, eBay, Alibaba, etc. You can try it.

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Shopify Staff
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Hi, Jennifer. 

Morgan here from the Social Care team at Shopify. 

Thanks for reaching out over the forums for some insight into the lack of conversions on your site! After diving into your shop I can say your site looks great. Your branding and site appeal is very high level, and professional. This is usually the first thing we look at when reviewing a shop. In your case, I believe this isn't the reason your customers aren't converting. 

Conversion and customer behaviour is sometimes a tricky thing to understand within your store. It requires a lot of insight into your buyers, and knowing exactly what they are looking for. You want to keep these in mind when you build your business plan and marketing tactics. 

The first thing to consider as a factor is, purchasing hair extensions online as a consumer is hard. Without seeing the product in person or knowing the quality, hair extensions aren't usually an "on a whim" purchase. So with this in mind, you may want to think of a few ways to break this barrier. 

One I thought of is, why not offer a sample piece for purchase for $10 (or a price similar) that you could ship to your customers. This allows customers to colour match, feel the quality and build trust with your brand. You can then advertise that the $10 from the sample will go towards the purchase of their entire set if they buy. This will not only build that confidence with your customer, but will also create a really engaged and service oriented transaction with your buyer. Plus, once you start getting orders it should keep your returns to a minimal due to the fact they can colour/texture match prior to buying the entire set. 

In terms of your customer behaviour when they are on your site, have you checked out your current bounce rate? Bounce rate is important to note, because if you get 100 visitors but have an 80% bounce rate, you can really only consider 20 of those engaged shoppers. You can then either focus on the experience of the 20 shoppers who navigate your site, or try to find out why the other 80 left upon clicking. You can find your shops bounce rate in your Shopify admin under Analytics. If you pull the "sessions over time" for the past 30 days and click "Edit Column" you will see the option to choose Bounce rate as a results field. 

Bounce rate results usually have to do with where your traffic is coming from. I see you have a pretty large following on Instagram and other social channels, so I can assume this is where the organic customers may originate. Ensuring you are engaging the right audience, in the right demographic, price point and age range is really powerful! Feel free to check out your demographic in Instagram to see if you are aligned here with where you think your brand fits. You can find this under Insights> Audience, within your Instagram app. 

How else are you advertising your store? It may be worth while to change up where you are sharing your business! Try having a look as some of these alternative methods. That guide also goes over how to retain the "low hanging fruit" or the engaged visitors on your site, to help target them with advertising. Because you have a decent flow of traffic now, this might be the best place to focus. Like we spoke about earlier, even if you get 100 visitors your focus is the 20 who are engaged and aren't leaving right away. These are who we would call the "low hanging fruit". 

I hope some of these topics can spark some interesting ideas for moving forward and find ways to engage your visitors to not only browse but to purchase also. I'd be happy to chat more if you have any questions or wanted to bounce ideas off someone! It looks like you have also been able to hear from other members of the forums on this topic as well. 

Let us know how it goes with any changes you decide to try out. 


Morgan | Social Care @ Shopify
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HI, and thank you so much for your reply. The bounce rate is as low as 34 and as high as 70 most of the time. The hair sample idea is great! I am going to add that to my shop. 

Do you think the SEO is strong? I'm considering hiring a SEO company to improve the store's conversion rate.