68 Add To Cart - 18 Reached Checkout - 1 Converted.....Any Help Appreciated

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My name is William I am the proud owner/operator of Apex Gaming PCs (www.apexgamingpcs.com). We build custom high-end computers at the fraction of the price of other companies by slashing labor costs through internship programs. It's really a pretty cool business model. 


Regardless, this last week my store has had issues. Like the title states, we had 68 people add to cart, 18 reach checkout and one person convert. To me, that's a HUGE red flag, and I am not sure what I am missing. Any feedback is appreciated. 

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Hi @William_Simon,


Nick here from Shopify.


Firstly I want to say your store looks great and professional. From the outset, the picture quality is good for the homepage and it looks very professional. There are definitely a few aspects which I spotted that could be altered to try and help improve your conversion rate.


  • The Trust Factor - I completely understand why you would say this and create a page for it. But I believe it could be doing more harm than good in the long run and perhaps not using some space on your site as effectively. I think by talking about the trust factor and bringing it up you are reminding people of it and putting a potentially negative connotation in their head. I would use this page as a way to tell your story "the Apex Gaming story" if you will and how you came to be. If you tell your story about how you are passionate about gaming, so much so as a kid and that you just had to start a brand and online store because of your passion, visitors will know you are telling the truth and trust you. I also think by adding in some information about your business model and how effective that is to explain your prices. Your business model idea reminds me of MVMT watches who did something similar. They were able to have a top product for a lower price by selling directly to the consumer which seems to be along the lines of what you are doing but for a different industry. The content team at Shopify wrote some blog posts about how to approach About Us pages which might give you some extra inspiration on how to write yours which you can read here and here. But if it was me in your position, this is the direction and narrative I would take here.


  • Trust Badges - A really good way to combat the trust aspect of your store could be to add some trust badges to it. This is a much more subtle way of approaching the matter but also allows you to tell your story (I feel by telling your story on the About Us page it will also show a level of trust as it’s the truth) while maintaining the trust of the visitors. Shopify has a great guide for how to add trust badges to your store which you can see here as well as some apps which you could also use for this below:

  • Favicon - This is only something minor, but again, something which adds a level of professionalism and trust to any online store. I personally would be hesitant to purchase from a store which didn’t have a favicon icon in their browser tab for example. I also didn’t see a clear logo for Apex Gaming anywhere on the site. By creating a logo to have visitors identify you with will be greatly beneficial. It’s something you can then add as your social profile pictures also, for example, I saw your Instagram profile which didn’t have a distinct logo that is recognizable. You can see the information guide Shopify has to add a favicon to your browser tab here as well as the Shopify logo generator here and a blog post with 5 top logo makers you can research here.

I did a test and added a product to the cart and followed all the steps (bar the actual purchase) and everything did seem functional. I didn’t suspect there would be any issues, but always best to be sure, but it doesn’t seem to be anything with this aspect. I just wanted to mention I tried this to you.


I hope this helps and gives you some guidance and direction on some next steps. Is there anything else regarding the Shopify platform you have any questions on? If so, don’t hesitate to let me know.


All the best, Nick


Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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