708 sessions this month and not one sale! Would love some feedback on my toy store... please. :)

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Hello Shopify family,

I would love some feedback on my store: https://whoopeetoys.com

A little background:
I started the store just under 2 months ago with the hopes of offering dropshipped toys to consumers all over the world. I'm leveraging Oberlo and so I decided to go through their free course. It has some great insights for just starting out with one of the main ideas being to start small (< 6 products). This allowed me the opportunity to order the products I was planning to sell in the store, get some great product shots, and potentially create product videos. 

What have I tried (development / products): 

I worked with a freelancer on the logo/branded elements of the site. 

I hired a separate freelancer to give the store a good aesthetic edge at the very beginning of the site rollout (Fiverr). They simply installed the Turbo theme and then proceeded to write a bunch of grammatically incorrect home page content AND page content. They also added toys / products that they thought went well for the site. Finally they added a few apps that I later decided to remove due to performance issues AND the lack of their actual use on the site. I went through the the site and updated all of the copy, except for the product descriptions. BUT I liked the look and feel of the theme so I kept it. 

I hired a freelancer to work on 4 product descriptions for the featured products on the site. I wanted to test out the viability of these products before ramping up with more products. (https://whoopeetoys.com/collections/frontpage)

I'm currently working with a freelancer to improve the speed / performance of the site. I know how important load times are to keeping users on your site. 

What have I tried (marketing / advertising):

I ran a small Facebook ad as a test to see if it would bear any fruit. I got a few sessions but no sales there.

I currently am running a Google Ads campaign that I will let run through the end of the month. I've seen better traffic from Google, along with user time on the site, so I will likely ramp those Ads up if I can figure out how to convert the traffic. 


I would love to have feedback from the community on what I can improve / change to invite sales to the site? I am also opening to hiring another freelancer that can help me with the improvements they have in mind.

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Hey there, @devonlambert
You’ve tried so much but with no results. That is a tough position to be in! You’re trying to throw a dart blind-folded. You have all of these sessions but no sales, but you don’t know why. 

You need to use visitor behavior. There’s no way around it. You have to be able to look at what your visitors are experiencing and dive into their experiences and engagements to get a better picture of what’s happening. You have to know WHY someone isn't converting in order to know what to change. 

  • Are you targeting the right traffic? (You can filter visitor behavior by source and UTM parameters)
  • Do your ads match your homepage/product page? (Make sure they are leading the appropriate page; if you highlight a specific product, it should lead to that product page)
  • Is there a problem with your site? (Read on)

Let’s start on the homepage:

  • You have such a fun brand. It’s Whoopee Toys! Toys are fun and exciting. The first impression of your site is the opposite. It’s feeling kind of blah. The colors don’t make visitors feel energized; it’s more tired-feeling.
  • The announcement bar needs to be updated. The gray color doesn’t stand out enough, and the white text is too close to the gray color to make it easy to read. It also needs to be linked to your product collections.
  • You desperately need a hero image. I’m talking about a fun, game-packed image that looks like kids/families have FUN. Add a strong invitation and CTA, and you’re golden. That’s going to do more than a blanket statement of “...your destination for amazingly fun toys…”
  • Your images need some help. They are inconsistently sized, and the features for Quality Time and Exercise Their Brains are kind of blurry (especially that first one). Consistency is key! 
  • Use a heatmap to see where people are clicking and how far they scroll. What information do they get to see, and what are they missing? I would highly suggest looking at ways of making it easier for your visitors to jump into collections. 
  • Email subscription form: I don’t mind your invitation. Again, the color scheme needs to be updated to be more consistent and with your brand. I would expand the messaging on what “great deals” means. Would they get 10% off their order?


  • Shipping Policy: Add some information here for international visitors. If you can, provide cost estimates. This isn’t always possible, but an estimation is helpful to customers who don’t want to be surprised at checkout. 
  • Refund Policy & Return Policy: Link your email address in there. It would be helpful for people who are wanting to contact you from here. 
  • Privacy Policy: Link your URLs and email address. 
  • Terms of Service: Link your email address. 
  • Contact Us: Add in more information here, like your phone number or email address. I would also include a nice welcome message that is conversational and informal to encourage messages! 
  • FAQs: I would also link to the appropriate pages. 
  • Main Menu: Is there any reason why these are in all caps while the rest of your lists have links that aren’t? 
  • About Us: This is fine, but you can do so much better. Make this personalized to you. Why did you start this store? What games did you have growing up, or did you always want to have the games your friends had?

Main Navigation

  • Because there are no collections or hero image, I would wager that most of your visitors who get to your collection and product pages have to click through the Shop Now. Use a heatmap to see where people are clicking.
  • Unless you’re getting a lot of clicks on it, I would keep About Us and Tracking Your Order in the footer. This would let you expand your collections here.
  • I would lose the term “featured” from your site. That means nothing to your visitors. Featured if what YOU want to feature. Instead, try something like “Trending Now” or “Holidays 2020” to generate more interest. 
  • Watch session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website, to watch what happened during specific visitors. How are visitors engaging with your store and navigating to different product pages?

Collection Pages

  • I’m not a fan of only seeing prices if you hover over the image. A lot of your customers will base their decision on the price, and they aren’t going to hover over every product to find it.
  • In some situations, the price blended into the overlay.
  • Again, image size consistency is key.
  • I found the collections put together in weird ways. There were a lot of lines blurred by Entertaining and Brainy. Consider updating your collections to be easier to understand. Puzzles. RC cars. Building. The lines are more defined. At least one of your products is only in Featured and in no other collections. 
  • While right now you don’t need a filter, you will as you add more products. Think of filters by toy, color, rating, price, etc. 

Product Pages

For reference, I’m on the Stunt RC Flip Car page. 

  • Remove up your ordering information. Your details are so long that you’re going to lose a visitor who was interested enough in the product before s/he gets to the ordering information. 
  • Get rid of “Ships from.” That could be a turn off/red flag for your visitors if that’s a concern of theirs.
  • You have a LOT of details here. Utilize collapsible sections to minimize the amount of reading. More text is not always better. You want to reel them in with the information they need and then let them read on if they feel it’s necessary. 
  • Add in reviews! Visitors like reading what other people think about the products. Resist the urge to move over positive reviews from the drop-shipper though. Add a review invitation in your post-purchase confirmation emails.

Wrapping it up

  • The foundation is here for a great store, but you’re going to need to work on it. Especially since you have traffic, I would highly recommend using visitor behavior to find those pain points. It’s going to be a lot easier than making guesses and hoping it sticks. Lucky Orange has session recordings, heatmaps and more with a free trial (no credit card required) and plans that start at US $10/month.
  • You have a strong head on your shoulder, and I like that you’re very methodical in your approach. Take that same approach in paying attention to the details. While it may not be the reason someone leaves your site, it is enough to make someone question the legitimacy of your site.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny


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Thanks so much for this thorough write up Danny!

I will get to work on your feedback first thing in the AM. 

I'm currently using Punch Metrics for real time / heat maps on the site. I turned on the heat maps today so I'll wait to see what the metrics show. But I'll take a look at LuckyOrange as well.