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Hope everyone is having 

Hi Guys. I have a Shopify store Coutfits. I request the members to visit the website and give me any suggestions on anything to improve the website. 
URL: www.coutfits.com 
PS: This is a new store. I didn't have many products.. but I am working on it. But each category has at least one product.

This is an online clothing store btw. Selling in 243 countries, Graphically designed clothing and accessories and some home and accessories.

PS: I am looking to create about us page, and combine faq and contact us page. 

After that, I want to work on SEO, as I have installed SEO PLUS and it is showing me many errors. I want to fix that. I am also going to upload products asap. 

I am also looking for a blogger for our store to create a buzz and that will also help in the backlinks and SEO. 

Then I am gonna start marketing and proper social media management.

What do you guys think?

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Shopify Staff
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Hi, Manpreet. 

This is Max from the Shopify Team. 

At first glance, things look good. I have a few things I'd suggest looking into listed below:

The first would be to review your pricing. I know you'd mentioned selling in many different countries, so, perhaps there will be some discrepancies in pricing as they are converted, but rounding would be a good option. 

Was there a reason behind this pricing? I'd suggest reading this article, for some more tips on different pricing strategies. 

In line with pricing, I'd also suggest reviewing your shipping strategy and costs this can often be a big reason why some customers do not complete their purchases online. This might also help inform your product pricing. If you're using a dropshipper or print on demand service, they likely have more details on how much it will cost to ship items to certain countries or regions.

It looks like you're using stock imagery, which is fine, but I'd suggest cropping some of the images before uploading so they align within your theme's grid and complement each other. I'd also encourage you to think about what order you are placing images in. This could be all together in the collections page, or how you've displayed your product images within that product page/listing. 

As you mentioned adding clear details about how to contact your company and a bit about your brand would be really helpful. Building trust is very important when building a brand, so, I'd suggest taking a look a these articles for some ideas on how to improve that:

Working on SEO is a great idea, but have you thought about your marketing plan? Who is the customer you are trying to attract? What strategies do you have in place to attract them to your site and ultimately buy from you? Answering these questions will likely help you better define the range of products you decide to sell on your shop. 

I hope these few ideas spark some action on your side. If you have any further questions about specific areas of your shop, please feel free to reply here!


Max | Social Care @ Shopify
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Your store was Amazing.
You have to promote your store for sales, after increasing of your niche. I suggest you can use Google AdWords, It makes your marketing task a whole lot easier by bringing huge per click traffic through the use of proper keywords.