A lot of social activity, but almost no store traffic

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Hi everyone,

I've launched a webstore selling wooden products (Watches, Sunglasses, Bow Ties, Accessories and Home Decor) in November 2016 and have also launched social accounts. I get a lot of social activity (check out this Facebook post with 260 likes or this Instagram post with 230 likes).

I am trying to post on social media often and I get good results consistently. But this does not reflect on my webstore traffic:

Google Analytics:

I have had only two sales in this whole time. Am I just being impatient or where is the problem? Thanks for any feedback :)

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Website looks really good. Be patient, target the niche customers and run campaigns, facebook ads. Grab more traffic to your website and enjoy sales.

I suggest to add longer product description on the product.

Consider regular blogging, work on backlinks, connect with Influencers.

These are some links that may help you



Best of luck for your Business,

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Your facebook or instagram posts may not convert well to website traffic. Insta users are mostly concerning about beautiful images. They may like your post image because it's attractive. But they don't expect to go to your website. I read your posts on Fb and Insta. They are good product photos but I guess Call To Action is not enough. You can add "Buy Now!" or "20% off till weekend" on post images if you wanna boost sales convertion. 

You can also refer to my facebook marketing tips here: 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Facebook Posts

How to customize facebook share image of your store homepage? http://support.seo-product-optimizer.com/article/30-how-to-customize-facebook-share-image-on-shopify-homepage
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Thanks to both of you. I guess I still have to learn the ropes of social marketing :) 

Any additional review of my webstore would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Getwooden:

You have a nice looking shop! You have to be patient, business usually takes an amount of time to grow. If you need traffic for you store you can try using SEM, platforms like Adwords, Facebook Ads, IG ads... can bring you good traffic to your store!


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