A month and a half in..No sales

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My e-store launched about a month and a half ago. I've been spending money on Facebook Adverts and a bit on Google AdWords and it's bringing me a decent amount of traffic.

My problem is that none of these visitors are converting into sales. I'm open to any and all feedback on why purchases just aren't being made.


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I just took a quick look on your site and the first thing I noticed is that the button Shop Now on the main page, takes you to shop only Saffron. I have clicked several times, I thought maybe my browser had a glitch and I couldnt see all products. 

In my opinion, customers should see all your products from first click, especially that you have a few numbers of products.

Other than that, your site looks very nice. 

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I like your website. It looks really simple and easy to navigate. 

As for the problem I think it's right time to enable some chat software, or connect your online store via your Facebook Fan page. There are plenty solutions available on the market right now https://apps.shopify.com/search/query?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=chat+facebook

In addition, to understand why there is no conversions, where do you drive Adwords traffic? To which page and which ads message?


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Hi Fauzi your website looks good, great even. However there could be a few conversion tactics put into place like pop ups and countdown timers. I think that the main issue is on the adveritising end. What is your target audience? How much are you spending? What type of ad's are you using?

I'd love to talk about this in further detail please feel free to contact me via my website smallbusinessmedia.weebly.com

I'd love to help



Good to drive traffic to the customized landing pages with your product content. For example this product page https://kasmiravalley.com/collections/tea/products/greenteachai

If you could fulfill more media content like video review or outlining benefits of green tea directly on the product page It'd only benefit your customers. They won't need to go to the blog to read more about the benefits of the tea. Keeping them on the product page and educate them.

Right now on Shopify App marketplace there is plenty "landing page builders", but there is none of them designed for traffic coming from Facebook or Adwords. So that's why me and my team created PageFly.io Shopify app. if you're interested to try just let me know.


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Hi Fauzia,

I like the clean look of your website, and I especially love the Health Benefits and Recipes pages. However, I had to notice and click on the tab icon to get access to these pages. It would be very helpful if I could find more obvious links to the pages on the Home page. You have a rewards program, which is a great way to retain customers. Look forward to seeing more content on the program page. I saw more than a thousand followers on your Facebook Page. That's very good and HERE are a few tips you could promote your Page even further. 

Now if you get decent traffic but low conversions, I recommend to investigate your target audience more. There are also apps out there that use your data to find the right target audience for you automatically. Since you have established your presence on Facebook, you could check out Pollen, which automates the Facebook ad process. Hope this helps and good luck with your business!