Abandoned Checkouts and No sales

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I have a website that sells sportswear and sports equipments and accessories. For some reason, I do get a lot of abandoned checkouts and so far I didn’t sell anything although I paid around $1000+ in advertising and marketing for my website and my products. So, I need to know if I’m doing anything wrong. Or is there anything wrong with my website purchasing part. I would really appreciate it if I got an answer. Thank You, 

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Hey, Problem can be with your website checkout process.

I'd recommend you to be your own customer and purchase some product on your own, otherwise you'll keep wasting your money for no reason.

Anyway, Here is my Linkedin profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ritesh-kumar-copy/

If I can be resource for you, please tell me.


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Hey @Aliaabdelazzim ! 

Do you mind dropping your store's link? I see you've spent quite a lot on ads but still you're not getting sales. Well, this can happen due to following reasons - 

1. Maybe your customers are expecting a price drop (because they've discarded carts a few time)

2. Payment method is not allowing them to go further. 

3. Your store might not have that look/feel factor which gives them confidence that they should be buying from you! 

Whatever the case may be, I'll suggest you to stop your ad campaigns for the time being and get in touch with us so that together we can come up with a probable solution! 

Ps. I'm always a message away! 

Thank You! .-. 

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