Access collections rules / conditions object through liquid

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When accessing the products object, there's the collections array where it shows all the collections where the product is in. Within each collection object, I see a rules field that has the condition(s) which the collection is using to filter the products. I can't seem to access that 'rules' field through liquid, it returns as null. Anyone with some idea why I can't / what I can do to access the conditions where the collections are using? Thanks!


Hi kevinyeh, could you post some screenshots? I don't see a rules attribute in the collections object. (



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I´m having the same issue right now.


My "var dump"

{{ collection | json }}

outputs the following object:

   "title":"Black Pattern",


I need to perform further filtering based on those rules near the end. However {{ collection.rules | json }} returns null. Everything else I can think of would be a very hacky solution at best.

Thanks for any hints.