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Hi! New to shopify and have had to get a store up super quick due to covid-19 issues within our bricks and mortar retail business. 


Getting the hang of tags and collections etc 


my main question is how to get the add to cat on collection pages to be in line and not staggered as they are currently. (i used a bit of code i found on these community pages to get the button placed) also it would be great if when you added a product from a collection page you stayed on the collection page rather than going straight to the cart. 


finally when in the mobile site a customer didn't make the minimum spend when she went back to the cart the checkout button was missing. happened to me when i recreated the problem. why do you think this is?  


site is 


thanks in advance. 


Hi @fourth_village 


Two options for fixing the add to cart button. 


1. Find the code or hire someone to do it. 


2. Switch themes. Shopify has few paid themes that can do what you want. I'd personally use this free theme I reviewed HERE if you upgrade the theme to paid plan $15 USD a month you can get few extra features that include "collection add to cart" that would solve your problem. 


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One of my clients sells donuts and cakes. We added a announcement bar to get free shipping on orders over $49 when we launched the website that day we had 20 orders and 19 of them were over $49 so its a good way to increase revenue etc. 


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Shopify is all a learning curve and you're of to a great start. Keep up the good work. 



Clayton Bates 


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You can put your question at Technical Q&A section to get best solution.

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