Adding multiple products from one slider in product page

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We are working on our new site and are having a bit of trouble when adding multiple products to cart on one page. 

On our home page we have a slider with products and want customers to be able to add them directly to cart. 

My Home Page - product slider

Since our home  page has a slider in which all 9 products can be displayed (using a slider) & added to cart as well, so Shopify isn’t allowing to add different products to cart  from a single product page. We can fix this within Shopify if on scroll we refresh the page and display another product page (with different URL & hence different product_id as well).
But doing above in homepage is not possible. We cannot display different URLs for same homepage.

I would enormously appreciate any leads on how to solve this issue. 

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Hi @gabriela_capuli 


Have you tried reaching out to your themes support ? I know sometimes they can be slow to respond. 


I'm happy to have a look at this for free. REACH OUT 



Clayton Bates 

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Thank you Clayton, I just reached out. 

Can you please let me know where to find more "theme support"?

Thank you so much!

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