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  • Hey, when someone is putting their information in an they live in a house, the part where it says apartment, suite, etc; should they put N/A. What should they put for that? 
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Hi @Cbrown13 

You can choose whether the 'Apartment/Suite' line is required, optional, or not available at all in your Checkout Settings.


If you make it optional, then customers that are in a single-family home can simply leave the line blank. If you make it required, then they will have to enter something (such as N/A). If you make it hidden then the line will not be visible at checkout.


  1. If you make it optional, then there is the possibility that customers who live in apartments/multi-unit buildings will forget to enter an apt/unit number, which will cause deliveries (rare but does happen)
  2. If you make it required and customers who live in single family homes do enter something like 'N/A', then this will appear on the address label and it is possible that it will cause confusion to the delivery driver and could also create delivery issues.

Most stores have it set as optional.