Advice/hints & tips with the Venture theme, onsite SEO tips for better user experience please?

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Hi All,


I am after some feedback as to thee user experience of my shopify store. Weve been live for nearly 2 years, the only thing to drive traffic was PPC (google shopping via the Shopify plugin). I am however trying to drive more organic traffic to our site (


Im after general feedback and constructive critisism on what we could do better, improving the customer experience and so we dont have to to rely on discounts quite so much - (usually 15% off first purchase.)


Im a web designer by day and this side project would be great if it pulled in more revenue. Any hints, tips and advice from the community would be greatly appreciated. 








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Hi Steph,


I love your website - and your Instagram feed! Very colorful and authentic. When it comes to traffic, it sounds like you haven't done any SEO so far - after two years, you'd expect to start relying on Google organic traffic to send you the majority of traffic, instead of needing to keep paying for the ads.


I'd be happy to review your SEO and give you detailed tips on what to improve if you'd like to go that route [work on your SEO]. Simply request your free SEO analysis below: