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Hello, i have some problems concerning my website theme Warehouse, i have been struggling for a month and the team of Ali Reviews App still can't fix them. There are 3 main problems:

1. The review badges they added to my product sections don't work on the "Recently viewed product" and "You may also like product".They have taken place between price tag and "In Stock" label but they're not visible.

2. I don't understand why the review badges they added sometimes don't load at all on entire home page. It's like 1 in (2 or 3) reloads of page the reviews don't load. 

3. They said they can't add the review badge on the "Choose option" button when the product pop up appears.

I don't understand why Ali Reviews App has this kind of problems, they appeared to be the best app for importing reviews. Other randoms apps i have tried didn't had many options like Ali Reviews App but they didn't had any of the problems above.

They told me for the third problem (on the pop up of "Choose options" button) that the problem in that is because my theme is using Ajax loading, maybe that is the cause of the first 2 problems as well, anyway i hope there is a better solution then removing the Ajax loading.

So does anyone know any bridge code to bypass Ajax loading?


Hi @EcomDev 


Sounds like you have a theme or app problem here. Seen this a lot lately. I personally use this theme I did a review for HERE and I always use loox reviews that I did a video on HERE also. 


Really to get a site up and getting sales you don't need to do much coding so if you ever run into a problem that involves needing coding to solve problems there is most likely something wrong. 




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