All Feedback welcome

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Hey Guys! 


Finally coming back to this after procastinating for such a long time. 


If you could give me some feedback on my store I would really appreciate it. 


No Sales yet but will start marketing soon. 

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Hello. You need to go in and redo your entire footer. It shows a lot of demo text that isn't supposed to be there. The initial url that you posted here as your domain is an html 404 error, but when I click home it goes to the home page so I'm not sure which page is showing that error. I don't see an about us, contact us, shipping, return, or privacy links for information, but those could be in your footer that isn't showing correctly. If you don't actually have those pages you should add them. Anytime you change anything in your code it's always a good idea to double check what the site looks like after the change to help catch small errors.