All feed back would be appreciated

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Would love to hear some feed back on Jack O'Shea Butchers  


Recipe section has to be attached soon and the about page will be edited and updated to suit the layout better 


Thanks in advance

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I like it, looks high class but I have some thoughts some of which are just personal preference.


- You product images on homepage are really dark. I would dial down that overlay opacity (from .25 to .1 looked better to me)

- I would then up your font weight for the collection names so they pop out more with the opacity dialled down

- Not sure a completely black background would be where I'd go (looks good in header, hero & footer) but less keen on main body having black background. If you stick with it, I think you definitely need to make the white text stand out more (larger font for product descriptions for sure). I think older people whose eyesight might not be the best are going to struggle to read some of your text

- Have a look at the FirstDirect bank website they make an all black background really work

- Some of your product images are really small and you have different sized images


All sounds a bit negative. Don't mean it that way, think you've done a good job it just needs a bit more polish to really work IMO


One example of where your images are too small.


Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 22.08.44.png

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Would also deal with little things like this. Black text on dark grey background for your quantity selector - hard to read again.


Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 22.12.58.png


Might have to take back what I said about FirstDirect:) the website used to be an all black background. Just checked it and its changed and now doesn't look as good.

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