Almost finished - would love some feedback!

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Hello everyone,

Love the community and the great resources it offers! I started my website late last year and it's been a challenge trying to figure things out, but i'm hoping to get some feedback before adding finishing touches.

Just a few things:

- Logo is in the works (being done by a friend so taking some time)

- Have more blog posts, just unpublished for now


Thanks in advance everyone!

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Hey Jane, I can honestly say I haven't clicked through to a site from these forums and been like... wow... in a while. Logo or not, that hero image and the filter used, immediately sets a tone.

There's something about the lack of copy on the images, that lets your imagination wonder as to the assortment of items. I'd think about how to get your copy to expand on the visual story you tell so well.

I'm not a fan of the generic images used to navigate under the hero image. Especially as I haven't seen any people yet, and for some reason the cotinuation of that tone/filter (without) people starts to feel a little saddening. Strange, but that's was the feeling I got.

I'd also consider whether the blog, contact & social is your most wanted action? Don't you want people looking a product & collections?

At the moment your drop down navigation is a little hard to read, I know that's due to your colourway and font though.

Your product descriptions could do with beefing out, from both a selling & seo perspective. And your about page copy could/should be more focused on the benefit to the customer first, then your story second  - as they're most interested in how what you sell fits into their lifestyle/philosphy.

Great start! I look forward to seeing the finished site, keep us updated.

Oh! If you plan to use content marketing as a long-term strategy to drive traffic to your website, then you'll get a lot from this blogging challenge, starts Feb 18th.

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Hi Jane :) 

Your website looks great so far, I love the pictures on the homepage! I only noticed a few things you might want to tweak a bit: 

  • When hovering over Shop on your homepage, the lettering on the dropdown menu is hard to see because of the semi-transparent background 
  • When I select any of the dropdown items (for example Outwear) and hover over Shop again, the dropdown and collection page content overlap. 

And finally, some of your product images have a white background while others don't. I find that if you do decide to use a white background for your product images, it's better to do so on all of them. That way customers aren't distracted by any specific item that looks like the odd one out. Here's an app you can use to remove your product image backgrounds:

I hope this helps! :)