Am I doing something wrong - feedback appreciated

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HI I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm new to Shopify and I have a problem with people adding to cart but then I don't get sales and they don't appear in abandoned checkouts. I'm dropshipping and using facebook ads for traffic. I've tested out my UK customer journey (I'm in the UK by the way) but overnight here my facebook pixel tells me I had 3 add to carts but I don't have any sales. I don't have any abandoned checkouts either. Because I'm in the UK I cannot see the the experience someone in the US will have. Could someone please check out my site as if making a purchase to see if you can spot something which could be stopping the customer from buying. I added the 'best currency convertor' app so I'm hoping that the currency being shown in the US is $USD. I would really appreciate some help as I don't know how to solve this.

Many Thanks in advance, Karen.

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Sorry I forgot to add my store link. It is


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Hey @kveater , welcome to Shopify family,


I would like to point out a couple of feedbacks:



1. Favicon is not visible enough, I suggest you have the white background removed and enlarge the logo.Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 1.42.15 PM.png



2. I would suggest to revamp the Homepage design of your website. Homepage should include elements such as
                   1. A Clear Value Proposition     2. Links to Social Media.  3. Intuitive Navigation. 4. High-Quality and Original Images
Do read these two blogs on how good Web Design can boost sales:


3. Use alerts / push-notifications to increase sales. Studies have found that these alerts can boost your  app open-rates by 25% and app retention by 92%. A simple alert for updates and sales can benefit sales a lot. Make sure though, that they're not spammed when 3-4 alerts in website.


4. Invite customers to be part of your community. Also having a blog, getting out articles and having fresh content once in two weeks will allow you to drive traffic, help in starting conversations and build credibility.


5. Though your product catalog is small right now - i.e. limited products, there still needs something to push me to buy - right now. Just like in a real life store, you want to display your best offers, top sellers, new arrivals right at the window of the store, isn't it? In the case of your store, i don't get this urgency at all.


Suggestion: Add some kind of stickers to showcase stuff like trending, running out fast, back in stock, hot seller etc.  Apps in Shopify app store can help with this by making the process very easy & simple. With labels/badges, you'll be able to tap into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency to boost sales.



Your constant goal as a store (online or offline) is to quickly make a passerby become a shopper. 


Try these feedbacks out and if you want more help, feel free to message me back anytime :D



PS: CoVid offer for all stores at

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Thank you for your advice @Fayzmo. I will be looking at your suggestions. I am just learning with this. Could you tell me please. Which currency did you see on the store? Was it USD or GBP? Also did you see any other faults with the cart or checkout process? Many Thanks.

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Hi Karen! First, congratulations on the newly launched store.


Is that GBP and USD are the only two currencies that you added to the store? Here is from Australia. I saw the price were in GBP. While it looks like you are targeting international markets, and it is better to automatically display prices with local currencies based on your website visitors' locations.


You may potentially use Shopify native currency selector+Geo Targetly. With currency selector, it provides multiple currencies for price displaying. When the currency is changed, it adds a parameter to the URL, for example,, or Using Geo Targetly, especially its Geo Redirect tool, it detects your websites' visitors locations by IP, and auto direct them to correct URLs based on their locations. 


Additionally, you may tailor shopping policy on the top of you storefront page to be location-specific, and engage with your visitors. For instance, list "Free Shipping to Australia" if your visitor is in Australia, or "Free Shipping to UK" is your visitor is in UK. Another Geo Targetly tool, Geo Content may set up and dynamically display content based on locations.


Hope it helps!